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As we all probably know, Genshin Impact has one of the most robust fandoms in the gaming sphere. The open-world RPG is insanely popular, thanks to the attractive pool of characters, generous events, and an addictive Gacha mechanic. Despite coming from a small Chinese company, miHoYo, Genshin Impact witnessed rapid growth, even eclipsing other video games from more established studios. And accompanying all the hype is an equally massive player base.

Genshin Impact holds an astounding player base

Through engaging lores, regular updates, and daily quests, the developers from miHoYo manage to keep their audience hooked. This can be seen from Genshin Impact's massive pool of active players.

How many people play Genshin Impact in April 2022?

According to, Genshin Impact had a total of 61.5 million average players in the last 30 days (April 2022). Not only did the game lock in a ton of players by the month, but the game also had a maximum of 10.3 million players in a single day. This is currently Genshin Impact's all-time high player base record, as its community grows larger and larger by the minute.

Average Monthly Players
April 2022
61.6 million
March 2022
61 million
February 2022
58.5 million
January 2022
57.9 million
December 2021
57 million
November 2021
56 million
October 2021
53.6 million
September 2021
50.2 million
Genshin Impact average monthly players. Source:

In the beginning, Genshin Impact already had a smashing start. The game was released in September 2020, and it received 16 million monthly players on its debut month. From then on, it only grew more popular, multiplying its player base by the millions.

The mobile market boosts Genshin Impact's player base

Genshin Impact's large player base is likely due to its immaculate marketing. But one of the huge factors of its massive growth is its accessibility. Genshin Impact can be played across multiple platforms including PC, consoles, and mobile. As a result of the various options, there would be more people logging into the game. But it is assumed that about 90% of the game's active players and revenue comes from the mobile market.

Compared to other decade-old games like Dota 2 and CS:GO, Genshin Impact's player base soars high. But to put it into perspective, the mobile market is HUGE. It is even bigger than the market of PC and consoles combined!

The comparison of the mobile, PC, and console games market. Source: Newzoo
The comparison of the mobile, PC, and console games market. Source: Newzoo

According to, other global mobile titles hold an even larger player base, including PUBG Mobile (512 million) and Mobile Legends (81 million).

How much has Genshin Impact earned?

For a one-year-old game, Genshin Impact has definitely made a great deal of revenue. In less than 6 months after its release, it already made $1 billion from mobile phone users ALONE.

Genshin Impact earns $1 billion after 6 months of release. Source: SensorTower
Genshin Impact earns $1 billion after 6 months of release. Source: SensorTower

It obviously didn't stop there, and Genshin's hype continues to grow.

In the first quarter of 2022, Genshin Impact reached another milestone, earning over $530 million USD across iOS and Google Play in the span of only 3 months. From its launch in September 2020 until today, Genshin Impact has accumulated an estimated amount of $2.7 billion from only consumer spending.

Its consumer spending revenue is mindblowing, courtesy of its gacha mechanic. Genshin Impact keeps the game free-to-play so its main source of revenue comes from the microtransactions. One of the purchasable virtual items is the random loots that keep players rolling for their luck - and of course, it is highly addictive.

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