Four game modes revealed on launch!

The new mobile game coming from a galaxy far, far away is almost here. Compared multiple times with Overwatch, Star Wars: Hunters game modes are the only way the game will mark a difference. To achieve this, it will take advantage of its third-person point of view and multiple characters with unique abilities.

What are the different Star Wars Hunters Game modes?

During the soft launch a year ago, Star Wars: Hunters game modes included some limited-time events, like the Boulder Bash. There, you had to eliminate the enemy team by throwing big boulders. As fun as it sounds, it will not be included at launch. The four game modes included from day one are:

  • Squad Brawl
  • Power Control
  • Dynamic Control
  • Trophy chase
Game modes for Star Wars: Hunters
Game modes for Star Wars: Hunters

Squad Brawl

This mode was released during the soft launch of the game, only available in certain countries. To win, teams will aim to be the first to score 20 kills, in a 4v4 death match format. To avoid long games, players have only six minutes to achieve the highest score. You can find some footage of this game mode on YouTube. However, some details may change when the game officially launches.

Power Control

Power Control is the second Star Wars: Hunters game mode. During the soft launch, we got some information on this mode: Controlling certain static areas around the map until 100% will give you victory. But you don't need all of them to start filling the bar, just two out of three.

Dynamic control

This game mode is a spin-off of the previous Power Control. The control points this time will be changing places around the map, making it more complicated to reclaim it.

Trophy Chase

The last Star Wars: Hunters game mode also adds a new droid, TR0-F33. It will spawn in the center of the map, and only one player will be the carrier. This means that the rest of the team's mission will be to protect him for the longest time to earn points. Again, the first to score 100% will be the winner.

Which game mode are you eager to play? Don't forget to pre-register before Jun. 4 to get some exclusive rewards, and stay tuned to for more Star Wars: Hunters news!