Before the game releases, get them, hmm, you must!

Star Wars: Hunters is coming with exclusive rewards for those who pre-register before June 4. The game is a PvP competitive arena, and it's going to be free to play on mobile devices (Android + iOS), and the Nintendo Switch.

During the gameplay trailer, it was revealed that characters are going to be customizable. So, get ready for some attractive skins and special emotes! Some of them will be free on release for those who pre-register.

How to pre-register to claim free rewards?

The Star Wars: Hunters exclusive rewards you will get for registering before the launch date are:

  • "Raise your fist" emote
  • Amber Hunter (character skin)
  • Amber Rifle (weapon skin)
  • Bubo's Blue Milk (avatar)
  • Ticket invite (avatar)
"Raise your fist" emote
Amber Hunter and rifle skins
"Bubo's Blue Milk" and "Ticket invite" avatars

All you have to do is pre-register by scanning the QR below, following this link using your phone, or through their official site. If you are playing from the Nintendo Switch, you can also pre-order the game to make sure you download it on time.

Star Wars: Hunters exclusive rewards for Nintendo Switch users

If you want to play on a bigger screen, or use a more standard controller, you can always play Star Wars: Hunters on your Nintendo Switch. Plus, you will also get some exclusive skins!

  • Shift Veteran (character skin)
  • Shift Blaster wrap (weapon)
Shift Veteran costume and Shift Blaster wrap
Shift Veteran costume and Shift Blaster wrap

To claim these exclusive items, you have to log in and play the game using a Nintendo Switch. This is not a pre-register bonus according to Star Wars: Hunters website. However, it's always better to get these exclusive items as soon as possible.

As the release date gets closer, more rewards could be added to the list. Stay tuned to for more content on Star Wars: Hunters!