Diablo Immortals Release week was a huge success on Twitch as many top Streamers played it on streams with great viewership.

Ever since 2018 reveal of Diable Immortal, fans have been waiting for the game to release. And with that day coming on July 2, the game rocketed up the Twitch charts. Diablo Immortal quickly became the most-watched mobile game streams on the platform, beating out the likes of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire, and peeked as the 12th most-watched category overall.

Diablo Immortals Streams - Viewership Stats
Diablo Immortals Streams Were the 12th Most Watched on Twitch

Diablo Immortal: 6.5 Million hours watched

Over the week Diablo Immortal scored 6.5 Million hours watched, with a concurrent average of 39K viewers. In terms of overall hours watched, the game was the 12th highest in the week. This statistic put Immortal 12% behind COD: Warzone which closes out the top 10. Compared to other mobile games, Diablo Immortals was far and away the most-watched.

The most successful day for the title was the release day, as it garnered 242K concurrent viewers at its peak. Since then the viewership has been falling off, with a nearly 83% drop by the 7th day. This is to be expected from any new popular game, but Stream Charts predicts that the game may continue to remain in the top 20 most watched on Twitch for at least another week.

Asmongold, Most watched Diablo Immortals streamer

Asmongold has been one of Twitch’s most-watched streamers for many years, and with Diablo Immortal’s release, his community watched tuned in to watch. This resulted in a peak of nearly 117K viewers on the stream and amounted to 911K hours watched on the 10+ hours that the game was streamed.

Diablo Immortals Streams - Most watched streams
Quin69 had over 1 Million hours watched in Diablo Immortals Streams. Screengrab via Streamcharts.com

The highest amount of hours watched, surprisingly didn’t come from Asmongold, likely due to the low hours streamed in the game. Instead, New Zealand’s Quin69, which had the second-highest peak viewership at 30k, came in with a whopping 1.16M hours watched. This was largely thanks to his nearly 66 Hours streamed in-game.

Diablo Immortals Streams
Asmongold Topped the Concurrent Viewership in Diablo Immortals Streams. Screengrab via Streamcharts.com

Gaules: Top 4 without even playing Diablo Immortals

Many top streamers like Shroud, LIRIK and stylishnoob4, all streamed the game and were immensely popular. But the most interesting viewership statistic came from Guales.

Brazilian Streamer Gaules, most known for his officially-partnered CS:GO broadcasts, was the streamer with the 4th highest concurrent viewers. The best part of this statistic is that Gaules did not even play the game and was switching between categories while streaming. After accidentally landing on Diablo, he ended up logging in a 27K viewership peak, over the 5 minutes.

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