Imperial stormtroopers, droids, bounty hunters, and more!

Buckle up guys, a new Star Wars game is here! It is a mobile-focused PvP competitive arena game that allows you to play a wide range of characters on familiar maps from the Star Wars universe! The game is set in the timeline of Eps I - Eps III, which is throughout the original trilogy. This means we'll see Star Wars: Hunters characters from that timeline including imperial stormtroopers and bounty hunters!

For its early launch, Star Wars: Hunters have introduced twelve playable heroes! The Mandalorian hunter in Star Wars: Hunters, Aran Tal, has also arrived alongside the Arena Pass! Check out all available heroes or hunters in Star Wars: Hunters below!


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Diago</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Diago

Diago is a Miraluka Sharpshooter. The hunter is born without sight but he makes mind-blowingly accurate shots. Diago possesses a Slughthrower Rifle. It is a slow firing but high damaging weapon. This rifle fires physical projectiles that can't be deflected by lightsabers.

<strong>Diago's Weapon - Slugthrower Rifle</strong>
Diago's Weapon - Slugthrower Rifle


Diago's abilities focus on dealing high damage to many enemy units at once and also allowing him to knock back enemies. He also has a flexibility in movement as he can grapple to ledges.

[Passive Move] Escape Plan
Whilst jumping or airborne Diago can grapple to nearby anchor ledges.
Proximity Mine
Diago deploys a mine which explodes when enemies are within range, dealing damage and knock back.
Heightened Senses
Diago channels his heightened senses to reveal nearby enemies.
[Ultimate] Piercing Rounds
Diago loads high-density slugs which can pass through multiple enemies, dealing high damage to all of them.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : </strong>Charr
Star Wars: Hunters character : Charr

Charr is a Trandoshan Trapper. It is a thrill seeker who is an expert at hunting, tracking, and trapping enemies. Charr uses a Scatter Gun which is a powerful close-range weapon. It fires a spray of pellets that produces a great deal of damage on impact.

<strong>Charr's weapon - Scatter Gun</strong>
Charr's weapon - Scatter Gun


Charr's ability kit allows him to be durable and stronger in fights. He is also best at targeting one unit at a time.

[Passive Move] Dig In
Charr digs his claws into the ground, reducing the effectiveness of knock backs received.
Regen Booster
Charr heals himself and becomes Invulnerable. All incoming damage is converted to healing.
Snare Trap
Charr deploys a trap which triggers when enemies are in proximity, trapping them in place.
Laser Tether
Charr attaches himself to an enemy, preventing them from moving away.
[Ultimate] Ferocious Hunt
Charr moves faster and pins enemies with melee attacks. Eliminating an enemy with Ferocious Hunt extends its duration.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Sprocket</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Sprocket

Sprocket is a Mon Calamari Prodigy. This creature is an intelligent prodigy who uses his quick thinking, fast reflexes, and superior technology in the Arena. Sprocket has a special bond with J-3DI as he had built and programmed the droid himself. Sprocket uses Blaster Remotes as his weapon, which are advanced, modified droids. These droids can quickly fire blasts to the enemy.

<strong>Sprocket's weapon - Blaster Remotes</strong>
Sprocket's weapon - Blaster Remotes


Sprocket has a good mix of abilities to both hurt enemies and help allies. He can reveal a targeted enemy, heal himself and other allies, as well as, deal high damage.

[Passive Move] Turbocharged
Sprocket gains a movement speed boost when put to critical health.
Targeting Drone
Sprocket releases a Targeting Drone that Reveals an enemy and increases their damage taken.
Medical Droid
Sprocket deploys a droid with decaying health that heals nearby allies.
Drone Defense
Sprocket deploys drones to defend an ally and himself, granting Damage Reduction to both.
[Ultimate] Ultra Turret
Sprocket assembles a huge turret that attacks enemies, prioritizing opponents marked with Targeting Drone.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Skora</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Skora

Skora is a Rodian Sawbones. She is a former medic for the Hutt Cartel and now utilizes her expertise in chemistry to create poisons and explosions. She was formerly associated with Imara Vex from past bounty missions. Skora uses a Dart Gun. It is a tricky weapon that can not only damage enemies but also help allies!

<strong>Skora's weapon - Dart Gun.</strong>
Skora's weapon - Dart Gun.


Skora's abilities focus on both helping her team and also hurting the enemy with her multi-purpose Dart Gun. She is able to support her team while also maintaining a safe distance from battles.

[Passive Move] Self-heal
Skora automatically heals herself when out of combat.
Adrenaline Boost
Skora temporarily increases her movement speed. Has 2 charges.
Stim Shot
Skora fires a Stim Dart towards an ally, providing Temporary Health.
[Ultimate] Unstable Cocktail
Skora throws a large canister creating a pool which heals allies and damages enemies.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Grozz</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Grozz

Grozz is a Wookiee Juggernaut. The popular Wookie race from the Star Wars universe joins the Arena! Apart from its towering height, it also has raw strength which it will use to its advantage in the battlefield. Grozz has an admiration for Zaina for her role in the Rebellion, and she also holds high admiration for Grozz due to his former Pro-Huttball career which had launched him to fame. Grozz possesses Improvised Clubs as his weapon. This melee pair will exude incredible damage with every hit.

<strong>Grozz's weapon - Improvised Clubs</strong>
Grozz's weapon - Improvised Clubs


Groxx's ability kit allows him to charge into fights and clash in a close range. His strong physiques and healing ability also makes him durable for lengthy fights.

Grozz Stampedes forward and grabs enemies.
War Cry
Grozz emits a terrifying War Cry that restores his health.
Grozz slams his clubs on the ground, causing a shockwave which launches and slows enemies.
[Ultimate] Boulder Bash
Grozz rips up the ground and throws a boulder which bounces around stunning and damaging enemies.

Imara Vex

<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Imara Vex</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Imara Vex

Imara Vex is an Unrelenting Bounty Hunter. She is a ruthless and efficient bounty hunter who keeps personal attachments out of her work. She uses the Arena to settle her bounties in her spare time. While Imara Vex has loads of enemies, she has quite a conflict against Aran Tal. He despises all Bounty Hunters, deeming them dishonorable, while Vex sees the Mandalorian nothing more than a holier-than-thou character. Imara Vex uses a Blaster Rifle. This custom A280 blaster fires fast laser shots with decent damage.

<strong>Imara Vex's weapon - Blaster Rifle</strong>
Imara Vex's weapon - Blaster Rifle


Imara Vex's abilities let her punish low health enemies and stop them from hiding and retreating. She has flexibility in movement and are able to nuke enemies with her missiles.

[Passive Move] Tracking Scan
Reveals the enemy location when they reach low health.
Imara grapples to anchor ledges.
Missile Launcher
Imara launches a homing missile towards a target.
[Ultimate] Seeker Salvo
Imara fires a continuous barrage of missiles which seek enemies she can see.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Zaina</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Zaina

Zaina is a Rebel War Hero. She is a powerful leader in the Rebel Alliance who holds a high fighting spirit, especially against followers of the Empire. She is capable of pushing her team forward with her courageous traits. Zaina's archnemesis is Sentinel, who is a devout supporter of the Empire. Zaina uses a Blaster Pistol. It is a custom DL-44 pistol that she used during her veteran Rebellion days and will continue to be active in the Arena.

<strong>Zaina's weapon - Blaster Pistol</strong>
Zaina's weapon - Blaster Pistol


Zaina has a powerful supporting kit that can massively heal all her allies. She also has a dodging ability that can protect her longer on the battlefield.

[Passive Move] Combat Medic
Zaina gives increased healing to allies with critical health.
Bacta Bomb
Zaina throws her Bacta Bomb to the ground, releasing a burst of healing on detonation.
Dodge Roll
Zaina rolls to dodge incoming attacks that has 2 charges. Weapon Overheat resets when rolling.
[Ultimate] Rallying Cry
Zaina lets out a defiant yell, giving allies in range a significant amount of Temporary Health.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Rieve</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Rieve

Rieve is a Dark Side Assassin. She represents the dark side of the force and is largely inspired by the malice of a Sith Lord. She's quick-witted and sarcastic, a powerful combination under her devilish persona. Rieve wields the Lightsaber, a powerful weapon known throughout the Star Wars universe. It is a red Lightsaber, a color known for its associates with the dark side.

<strong>Rieve's weapon - Lightsaber</strong>
Rieve's weapon - Lightsaber


Rieve utilizes the force in many of her abilities to damage enemies. She is quick, agile, and powerful - using her Lightsaber to inflict as much chaos in the Arena.

[Passive Move] Vicious Leap
Leaps forward or towards an enemy, dealing damage where you land. - Hold the jump button to activate.
Ruthless Pursuit
Rieve dashes forward to strike an opponent.
Lightsaber Throw
Rieve throws her lightsaber forward and pulls it back using the Force.
Wild Defense
Rieve uses her lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts back towards the attacker. Blocks melee attacks and physical projectiles.
[Ultimate] Crushing Will
Rieve uses the power of the Force to stun enemies around her, pulling them towards her and dealing damage.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : J-3DI</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : J-3DI

J-3DI is a Jedi Droid. He is built and programmed with lightsaber skills, packed with Jedi wisdom, and simulated Force abilities. He's as powerful as a Jedi can get! J-3DI wields the Lightsaber. It is in the iconic blue ambient, known for its roots among the greatest Jedis in the universe.

<strong>J-3DI's weapon - Lightsaber</strong>
J-3DI's weapon - Lightsaber


J-3DI has a great balance of abilities with enough offensive and defensive mechanics to maintain his survival in the battlefield. He can heal himself, take an enemy out of position, dodge attacks, and exude high damage from his lightsaber.

[Passive Move]
As J-3DI takes damage he sheds spare parts which you can pick up to heal yourself.
Faux Pull
J-3DI fires out his fist to pull a stunned enemy towards him.
Deflecting Stance
J-3DI uses his lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts back towards the attacker. Blocks melee attacks and physical projectiles.
[Ultimate] Whirldwind
J-3DI holds his lightsaber out and spin from the waist, damaging all enemies around you.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Utooni</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Utooni

The Utooni brothers are Jawa Scavengers. These iconic characters bring their salvaging methods into the Arena, taking scraps from other Hunters and converting junk into weapons. Utooni have rivalry against Slingshot, a Hunter they so badly want to take apart for scraps. Utooni use the Pulse Blaster and Arc Caster. While the Pulse Blaster will send the enemies flying, the Arc Caster will give the opponents a shock.

<strong>Utooni's weapons - Pulse Blaster and Arc Caster</strong>
Utooni's weapons - Pulse Blaster and Arc Caster


The best part about Utooni's spell kit is the ability to switch weapons! The Jawa brothers can also reposition enemies and deal massive nukes.

[Passive Move] Surprise!
Utooni drops a Sonic Grenade when eliminated.
Utooni switches between the Pulse Blaster and Arc Caster.
Hands Off
Knock back enemies, knocks Utooni back.
Ion Imploder
Utooni throws an Imploder that pulls enemies towards it.
Utooni assembles and pilots the Scrap Cannon, unleashing a highly damaging beam for a short time.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Slingshot</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Slingshot

Slingshot is a Droideka Speedster. This hunter named Dizzy is inseparable from his droideka and together Dizzy calls themselves as Slingshot. He is a mischievous villain who is good friends with Sentinel, being villains of a kind. Slingshot uses Twin Blaster Cannons. It is a restored and modded droideka, a much treasured creation by Dizzy.

<strong>Slingshot's weapon - Twin Blaster Cannons.</strong>
Slingshot's weapon - Twin Blaster Cannons.


Slingshot's abilities heavily use the droideka to shield and fire against enemies. He can affect enemy's movement by knocking them back or slowing them down all while inflicting damage.

[Passive Move] Rollout
When unshielded and out of combat, you roll at high speed, knocking enemies back on contact.
Slingshot charges up and catapults forward, damaging enemies and knocking them aside.
Unstable Shield
Slingshot surrounds himself with an Unstable Shield. The Shield explodes when destroyed or detonated.
Slingshot fires a hail of micro-rockets in front of him.
[Ultimate] Rocket Stomp!
Slingshot repeatedly jumps up and slam down, damaging and slowing enemies around him as he hits the ground.


<strong> Star Wars: Hunters character : Sentinel</strong>
Star Wars: Hunters character : Sentinel

Sentinel is an Imperial Heavy Gunner. As one of the most iconic dark side devouts in the Star Wars universe, Sentinel is depicted as an arrogant and loud-mouth piece from the Empire. He is allies with Slingshot but less as a friend and more as an advantage. Sentinel uses Slingshot's engineering skills to help maintain his gears in prime condition. Sentinel wields an E-Web Heavy Repeater. It is a modified E-Web repeater that guns down enemies in heavy barrage of laser shots.

<strong>Sentinel's weapon - E-Web Heavy Repeater</strong>
Sentinel's weapon - E-Web Heavy Repeater


Sentinel utilizes his heavy weapon to deal high damage to opponents. He can also use his Empire card to call backup from other stormtroopers and help him on the battlefield.

Combat Shield
Sentinel deploys a shield on the barrel of his weapon. This can be activated and deactivated. Improves weapon fire when active.
Suppressing Shot
Sentinel charges up a Suppressing Shot that knocks down enemies but consumes weapon heat.
Barrel Slam
Sentinel attacks with his weapon, knocking back enemies at close range.
[Ultimate] Empire's Finest
Sentinel summons two stormtroopers to follow him and fire at his enemies.

Aran Tal

Aran Tal is a Mandalorian Vanguard. The bounty hunter of the Clan Tal wears the heavy ancestral armor and the iconic jetpack. He has a strong dislike against Imara Vex. Despite sharing the same bounty hunter roots, Aran Tal holds high morals and opposes Imara Vex's lack of integrity. He wields Dual Blaster Pistols as his weapon.

<strong>Aran Tal's weapon - Dual Blaster Pistols.</strong>
Aran Tal's weapon - Dual Blaster Pistols.


Aran Tal's abilities utilize his jetpack for not only flexible movement but also highly damaging fire output.

Aran boosts in any direction while firing his weapons, knocking back and damaging enemies hit. Has 2 charges.
Tal's Breath
Aran fires a jet of flame ahead.
Air Assault
Aran can continue firing while jetpacking forward and slamming down, dealing damage and knocking back enemies.
[Ultimate] Fury of Clan Tal
Aran jetpacks around the arena, throwing large gouts of flame in front of himself.

And that sums up all thirteen playable Star Wars: Hunters heroes who in this game are called hunters.

Since it's a new launch, we can speculate more characters to be added to the game's hunters lineup. It will be exciting to see familiar faces join the Arena! There will also be multiple game modes for us to enjoy. For more information about Star Wars: Hunters, stick around!