The newest League of Legends champion appears to have had its abilities leaked.

Milio, the latest League of Legends champion, has had their abilities revealed! The reveal came on March 6 via an official post on League of Legends social media pages.

However, Milio's abilities had already leaked previously, and these official posts merely confirmed what we already knew! Milio was announced by Riot Games two days ago as the newest support champion that would be coming to the game - the first support since Renata Glasc last year.

Milio's abilities have been leaked

Fans excited by the announcement of Milio have been given a sneak peek at what is to come. This comes in light of the recently leaked footage of Milio that has been circling social media. Known League of Legends leaker BigBadBear released the leaked media footage that showcases Milio's abilities.

Milio Abilities

Here is everything we know so far from the leaked footage and official announcements:

Milio's Passive: Fired Up

The leaked footage did not include Milio's passive. However, as stated below, Twitter user osevno has touched on Milio's abilities in a Twitter post. Milio's passive abilities enchant allies upon touch, making their next attack (damage) deal a burst of extra damage while also burning the target for a period of time.

Milio's Q: Ultra Mega Kick

Milio's abilities revolve around his "soothing flame." has touched upon Milio's lore in this article here. Milio's Q launches a fiery friend toward an enemy, creating a small area effect that stuns champions in the middle and slows on the edge - similar to how Leona's ultimate works.

Milio's W: Cozy Campfire

Milio's W creates an AoE field - players inside of that have increased attack range, attack speed, and movement speed. The AoE field also follows allies wherever they walk.

Milio's E: Warm hugs

Milio's E is a very simple ability that shields both Milio and the chosen ally. As per the official post it also increases movement speed, so is a double buff.

Milio's Ultimate: Breath of Life

Milio's ultimate Breath of Life is the perfect counter-engage tool. When the player presses R, Milio cleanses and heals allies in the AoE range around him. Milio's R works like a QSS or the Cleanse summoner spell that cleanses suppressions such as Urgot's ultimate.

What is Milio's release date in League of Legends?

At the time of writing this article, Riot has not confirmed the release date for Milio. Milio will first hit the PBE servers to get rid of the rough edges before releasing him to the live servers.

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