A new enchanter support champion joins the mix with origins going back decades in Ixtal.

Riot has revealed Milio, the Gentle Flame as the latest League of Legends Champion coming to summoner's rift in 2023. The game developers introduced Milio on March 4 with a theme song and two detailed stories.

Milio will be the first support champion after Renata Glasc's release back in Feb. 2022. While Renata had an exciting debut, she quickly fell off both in solo queue and professional play. However, fans are excited by the prospect of the new Milio support.

Milio's lore and origin

Milio, the Gentle Flame comes from Ixtal, a place known for its mastery of elemental magic. Unlike most regions in Runeterra, Ixtal has been secluded for thousands of years, having distanced themselves from their neighbours. The region is also described as one of the most mysterious in Runeterra. Asides from Milio, Malphite, Neeko, Qiyana, Zyra, Nidalee and Rengar all hail from the region.

Furthermore, Milio's story begins with his grandmother Lupé and her twin sister Luné. They were both elemental masters that wove their eath and fire axioms to overcome the Vidalon's trial and join the Yun Tal. Unfortunately, both twin sisters were convicted after Luné was found splitting against the Yun Tal. Lupé was banished to the farthest ends of Ixtal and the family adjusted to their new lives.

Milio preview. Image credit: Riot Games
Milio preview. Image credit: Riot Games

Grandma Lupé began to teach Milio the axiomata but gave up cause he failed to adapt to the rules of the elements. Milio continued to master the elements on his own and became a master in the fire element. He soon developed a new axiom which he named "soothing flame" and used to heal an injured hunter. Milio returned home and continued training under his grandmother who helped him hone his skills more.

Soon after he embarked on a journey to Ixaocan to help restore the family to their previous place in the Ixtal ruling society. He and his grandmother fashioned a special backpack called his "furnasita" which could host his ever-burning flames.

Milio's Abilities

As of the time of writing, Riot has not revealed his in-game abilities. However, fans have drawn some possible abilities based on his lore. Milio will be an enchanter support in League of Legends. Moreover, it is likely that his soothing flame will heal teammates and reduce enemies' lives. Additionally, his backpack containing unending flames may also play a role in his ultimate ability. Riot will share more details of Milio's abilities in the coming days.

Release date for Milio in League of Legends

While there is no official release date for Milio, it is likely that the champion will be hitting the rift in March. Given the PBE Teaser, Milio will likely be in PBE with Patch 13.5 on March 8 then an official release in Patch 13.6 on March 21.

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