Following Team Liquid’s victory over 100 Thieves, CoreJJ spoke to the press about his confidence, support meta and Renata.

Following Team Liquid's victory over 100 Thieves, superstar support CoreJJ spoke to the press for the first time since his return to the TL main roster. Core spoke about his confidence at still being the best support in the league, his career thus far and more.

CoreJJ is still the best support in the league

Although his Academy counterpart in Bill "Eyla" Nguyen has performed admirably this split, many felt this Team Liquid roster still has gears to go up. Team Liquid has looked their best when CoreJJ has been in the lineup.

Players like Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau and Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg have both reiterated in previous interviews that the team has to play differently around Eyla's inexperience in comparison to the other four players. TL and CoreJJ have not missed a beat, winning all four games when the former World Champion has been in the lineup.

There was a great possibility CoreJJ would not be playing professionally again if he was not able to obtain a Green Card said TL Dodo in a recent tweet. Starting off the scrum, TL CoreJJ expressed his relief to still be playing the game he loves and still believes he is the support to beat in the LCS.

Yeah, definitely. I feel really good. And because I feel very confident I'm still the best support player in the LCS. So I want to keep competing. And then I'm glad that I can do it.

TL CoreJJ on the support meta in the LCS

The supportive meta is probably in the best shape it has been for a while in the LCS. Each week players are picking a variety of supports, from tanks such as Tahm Kench and Leona, to enchanters like Karma. Right now there is a lot of supports that are viable in the game. When asked about this, CoreJJ believes right now there is no overpowered support and it is just dependent on player skill.

"So right now I don't see some specific champion as particularly better than other support champions or support champion is equally good. Depends on who's playing, depends on when do you play [specific supports]. And the thing is the meta is like if you have enough, you know, skill to do all supports."

After five weeks of LCS competition, there has been a total of fifteen unique champions played in the support position. This is slightly less than the spring split in 2021, which had twenty unique champions played. Although, in spring 2021 there were a couple of curveballs such as Maokai and Neeko that were only played once.

When will Renata take over the LCS?

Renata Glasc is the latest League of Legends champion.
Renata Glasc is the latest League of Legends champion.

Although she was enabled for Week 5 of the LCS, League of Legend's newest champion Renata Glasc did not make an appearance. Renata has started to make her presence felt in two of the major regions, with Fnatic support Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov playing it twice in the LEC and Xie "Jinjiao" Jin-Shan playing it once in the LPL.

CoreJJ believes Renata is a strong champion but doesn't believe she will be a frequent feature in the LCS just yet due to how new the champion is.

"I think that Renata is very, very strong. And a really good champion, but I don't know, I don't think many people know how to play Renata yet. So I saw Hyli [Hylissang] play Renata well in LEC and we probably need someone to teach everybody how to play Renata in LCS."

Team Liquid returns to action this Saturday, starting with a match against Evil Geniuses before moving onto the huge top of the table clash with Cloud9.

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