LoL’s cinematics are highly anticipated by fans and stun with their visuals every year – this one is no exception.

The 2022 season cinematic for League of Legends has been released. Titled "The Call", it shows fights taking place across the Freljord, Mount Targon, and Shurima.

With their triple-A, movie-quality visuals, League's cinematics are a big deal. The fanbase looks forward to them every year, and this one is no different.

The Call's story

LoL cinematics usually feature a number of different action scenes in different locations in the universe. The Call does this as well. A group of Freljordians, led by Sejuani and Olaf, fight one of Volibear's armies. Kai'sa and Taliyah fight off Rek'sai. Pantheon duels with Leona, before being interrupted by what might be Aurelion Sol. All this is set against the backdrop of Ornn forging a blage.

Unlike last year's cinematic, Ruination, which led into a whole season of lore centered around the events of that cinematic, there doesn't appear to be any large-scale story taking place this year to launch lore off of. But with the poor execution of the Ruination event last year, perhaps that's a good thing.

The history of LoL cinematics

Speaking of the Ruination, that was just one in a long line of high-quality productions from Riot. Early League of Legends cinematics were simple - just characters fighting on Summoners' Rift, with no story or reason. LoL cinematics entered a new era with the release of Awaken in 2019. It was insanely high-quality, packed with details, and took off throughout the internet. That sparked a new era for LoL cinematics. Warriors, Ruination, and now The Call have all been released to kick off a new year.

Apart from Season launch cinematics, Riot has also branched out to do others. A number of lore shorts were released around the launch of Legends of Runeterra. Videos were put out for their music videos as well, and around the K/POP and True Damage bands. And the release of Arcane was met with massive praise for it's visuals. All this is to say - The Call is just the latest in a long line of high-quality Riot visual work.

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