Team Aze Dimitry sat down with’s Marn for an exclusive interview following their day one defeat to DFM.

A couple of weeks on from our last interview with Dimitry,’s Marn got to catch up with Dimitry once again for an exclusive interview. Team Aze had just suffered defeat in their first international game ever. The LLA side fell short to Japan’s DetonatioN FocusMe.

Marn: Hey man it’s amazing to speak to you again so quickly, firstly, congrats on competing in your first international game, how was the experience for you?

Aze Dimitry: I was expecting more nervousness from myself. Maybe because there is not a lot of crowds early, there were 50 people tops. So maybe if it was a bigger venue with thousands of people I may have been more nervous. It was reassuring to know that I could perform at a certain level to which I’m comfortable. Even at one of the biggest stages in competitive League of Legends.

Marn: Moving onto the game, I noticed Graves and Ornn were pressuring you at level one even though it’s not a great level 1 duo, perhaps to get in your head, how did this make you feel given teams in LLA probably do not play those sort of games?

Aze Dimitry: It wasn’t exactly a surprise even though in our region that’s not very common, it’s actually very, very rare. Once we started practising here and scrimming against MSI teams, it was like the trend that every single team would use every single game tried to find a way to mess your game plan from level one.

So we started to get used to that and start thinking, what do we need to do? What do we need to defend and what do we need to attack? When do we need to defend, when do we need to attack etc. I admit I did not expect that level one invade from Graves because Graves and Ornn are not exactly a strong duo against Rumble and Wukong.

Marn: Yeah, it definitely seemed like an attempt to get in your head. Moving onto your trip to Korea thus far, how has that been for you and what has it been like scrimming against international teams?

Team Aze competing at MSI 2022. (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)

Aze Dimitry: It was great because I have been able to play against junglers that I have watched growing up when I was a tier-three amateur player. So I thought to myself ‘ woah, that is f*cking cool. I then test myself against them and their team, to see how far I am away from competing at that level.

After scrimming against these teams, I have realized I am not far away from their level, I am actually close. So it makes me really happy to know that all the effort I’ve put in is not worthless, it means that I can actually get to the level and I can achieve the things that they have achieved. It’s just a matter of time.

Marn: Of course, and with every international experience, it not only helps you but your region level up. I wanted to shift to T1, their jungle owner brought out a peculiar pick Vi, what are your thoughts on the champion and is she viable in the current meta?

Aze Dimitry: Honestly, this is the first time I have seen the champion in years, maybe my whole career. Vi is a champion that has been on our radar for a couple of months when she got buffed. This was when she had the changes to her ultimate. Although it is a surprise, when I see Oner, I see that as the perfect champion for his playstyle.

Aze Dimitry: “It definitely feels great to be in the same game as Faker. I don’t want fan over players like Faker and Caps too much. Even though I look up to them, they are at the level I want to get to”

Marn: Moving back towards T1, who you will play tomorrow, in our recent conversation you said Faker was a player that you have always wanted to play against, perhaps a dream come true for you, what will you be feeling going into the game tomorrow and seeing Faker on the opposite team?

Aze Dimitry: It feels amazing honestly, I know that our teams are not on the same level, but we qualified for MSI, the same as them. Every game we try to win, I am not going to be delusional and say we are going to stomp them or some sh*t.

It definitely feels great to be in the same game as Faker. I don’t want fan over players like Faker and Caps too much. Even though I look up to them, they are at the level I want to get to. You can’t get to that level if you think these players are a different breed and above you.

Marn: Honestly man you have the elite player mindset and can go very far, is there anything you want to say to the Team Aze fans?

Aze Dimitry: I am sorry if we disappointed you. That is not an excuse or a justification but I just want everyone to know that we had a bad game. In future games, I will continue to showcase I am giving it my all and want my whole team to give it their all too.

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