T1’s LCK win streak ends after 24 games in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Split cover image

T1’s LCK win streak ends after 24 games in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Split

Undefeated T1 in the LCK no more, KDF strike back after losing three series straight.

T1's 24-game LCK winning streak comes to an end after a loss to Kwangdong Freecs in Week 3. The LCK Spring champions set the record last weekend after their 2-0 win against DWG KIA, breaking their 23-game win streak set in 2015.

T1 began their win streak back in the spring, going undefeated from the regular split to playoffs. While they encountered some tough games, they always managed to close them out in the end.

KDF's Seraphine pick shuts T1 down in the LCK

Having kicked off the summer split with a 4-0 record, many expected T1 to continue their fine form in Week 3. Moreover, KDF were on a 6-game losing streak and had won only one series so far. Nonetheless, KDF's coach, Choi "Alvingo" Byeong-cheol had other plans for T1.

After losing Game 1 against T1, KDF still opted to play on the red side but switched things up with a Seraphine support in bot lane.

"Our coach Alvingo said 'Seraphine is really broken", Kim "Kiin" Gi-in said in the post-interview. "And then in scrims, she was really strong and so we decided to try this on stage."

The Seraphine paired with Senna in the bot lane made things difficult for T1 who had to rely on the range and engage from only Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's Azir.

T1 decided to leave the Seraphine open once again for KDF in the last game with Jinx as their answer for it. They kicked off the game with two quick kills for Mun "Oner" Hyeon-jun. However, things slowly slipped from their hands after a failed attempt for the second Rift herald. Moreover, the Ashe on KDF's Park "Teddy" Jin-seon helped the team play around T1's vision control.

Ever since I joined Kwangdong Freecs, I really wanted to take them down. So I'm happy we're able to beat them today.


T1's loss sees them fall to second place in the LCK standings with Gen.G yet to play their fifth game of the split. The team will need to win their next game against DRX to avoid consecutive defeats.