T1’s Faker spoke to the media following their final rumble stage match. The legendary mid laner gave his thoughts on EG Jojopyun.

T1 Esports rounded out their MSI rumble stage campaign with a win over Royal Never Give Up. This stage of the tournament was a mixed bag for the former undefeated squad with inconsistent results and questionable drafts. Following their match against RNG, the legendary Faker spoke to the press.

Marn: Thank you so much for getting to answer one of my questions, I wanted to ask you about NA’s prodigy in Jojopyun, I wanted to ask your opinion on him so far and if you had any veteran advice for him?

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T1 Faker: I think he is a very aggressive player and has a very aggressive playstyle, I don’t think he was that impressive during the laning phase, but he is aggressive and I am looking forward to seeing him perform [at MSI knockouts]. As for veteran advice, I don’t really have anything but I am excited to see him [perform] in the future.

Q: Was there any specific player that you were able to play against that stood out to you or surprised you?

T1 Faker: So there wasn’t a specific player that impressed me much, but every player has great strengths and parts I can learn from.

Q: Each member on the team can play both the carry role but also be a service to the rest of the team with supportive picks, would you say this is T1’s greatest strength?

T1 Faker: All of the individuals on our team are so talented, I think the biggest thing is we are able to play different roles. Also, the meta has changed since the spring split, the MSI meta is quite different but I think we have been able to adapt and have a good understanding because we can play many different roles.

“It was pretty heartbreaking to see it [undefeated streak ending] come so early, at the beginning of the rumble stage”

Q: So I wanted to learn about your thoughts on seeing T1’s undefeated streak end at the hands of G2, how did you feel about that?

T1 Faker: So because the rumble stage has a best-of-one format, I thought at some point the win streak would come to an end. It was pretty heartbreaking to see it come so early, at the beginning of the rumble stage.

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