Riot unveil Nilah as the next League of Legends Champion cover image

Riot unveil Nilah as the next League of Legends Champion

New Melee bot lane champion out to crush evil throughout Runeterra.

Just one week after introducing Bel'Veth, Riot Games has announced the coming of a new champion named Nilah to League of Legends. Nilah "Of the Seventh Layer" as she describes herself is a female melee bot laner with a love for the water. Riot teased the champion in April as the colourful stranger who wiped out 10 Noxian warriors under a mist.

From the trailer, Nilah emerges from a dilapidated wooden building surrounded by the water wearing a yellow robe. She promises to crush evil while calling on some demon as she ports into the League of Legends world. Typical stuff.

Riot has not revealed particular details about Nilah's abilities. Here's what we have been able to gather from the video so far.

Nilah in-game abilities: SkillShot and Dashes

The trailer reveal of Nilah shows an overview of her in-game abilities. The first of these abilities involves a glowing water whip which she uses to dash towards a target and empower her next attack. Nilah's dashes will make her very mobile and difficult to run from.

Immunity to Auto Attacks

From the trailer shown, Nilah's second ability grants her immunity against auto attacks from enemy champions. She can also become impossible to target while moving in water form and can dodge auto attacks. However, from her quick game play with Twisted Fate in the trailer, she appears vulnerable to damage from enemy champions' abilities. Her constant dashes coupled with spell shield and range damage make her quite similar to Samira.

Nilah, The Joy of the Unbound| Screenshot from League of Legends trailer.
Nilah, The Joy of the Unbound| Screenshot from League of Legends trailer.

AoE Ultimate

Lastly, Nilah appears to have an AoE ultimate that affects multiple enemies all at once. She can also use the whip without dashing and her Ultimate pulls enemies in, closely resembling Rell and Diana's Ultimates.

Nilah's Origin

With regards to lore, not much is known about Nilah's origin yet. There are however speculations that the champion will be from Bilgewater. The latest addition to League of Legends will give bot lane players another option to choose from and will be interesting to see if an ADC melee can thrive in the meta. While Bel'Veth made her entrance into the game three weeks after the reveal, there is no indication that the same will happen for the new champion.

Additionally, more details on Nilah and her lore will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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