PSG Talon upset G2 Esports twice in a row at MSI 2022 cover image

PSG Talon upset G2 Esports twice in a row at MSI 2022

PSG Talon creates MSI chaos as they earn their second victory over G2 Esports in the Rumble Stage.

After ending G2’s 22 game win streak on day 3 of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage, PSG Talon takes them down once again. The PCS spring champions shocked G2 in their fifth game of MSI and carried the momentum to the rematch. Although G2 were confident in getting revenge against PSG, the early game said otherwise. With this win, PSG becomes the first team to 2-0 G2 at MSI 2022.

How PSG took down G2 twice in the MSI Rumble stage

The first game between both teams looked PSG favoured from the draft. While G2 went for an early game composition, PSG stuck to team fighting one. They also took away Ornn from G2’s Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik. G2 failed to snowball the early game and their composition struggled to find an answer to Wong "Unified" Chun’s Tristana. PSG closed out that game with almost a 5,000 gold lead and just two towers lost.

Furthermore, even though PSG became the first team to defeat G2 at MSI 2022, many still expected G2 to bounce back in the rematch. However, it seemed like G2 had not learned from their previous mistakes with prioritizing Kalista and giving away Tristana and Rell to the PSG bot lane.

While G2 went for a late-game team fight composition with the Corki, Gwen and Poppy combination, their strategy all depended on withstanding PSG’s early game pressure.

The rematch between both teams started slowly but PSG quickly picked up the pace with a quick kill on Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski. The game completely came under PSG’s control after a miscalculated Rift Herald fight from Jankos. While G2 still had team fighting options to get back into the game, their decision to fight for the second Rift Herald made things harder.

PSG ended the game after a late attempt from G2 to take the baron cost them their lives with Unified getting a triple kill. The bot laner went deathless in both games played against G2 with a 10/0/13 KDA in total.

I think in terms of the team fight draft, we were stronger than the opponents. So, we were not worried about the late game team fights.

Unified in post-game interview

PSG still in contention for a semi-final spot

With back to back wins over G2, PSG now controls their own destiny and are still in contention for a spot at the MSI 2022 semi-finals. They also put pressure on EG who will have to either take a game off one of the big three or defeat PSG in their rematch.

Meanwhile, G2 now find themselves winless in 3 games and will have to defeat T1 today to stop the bleeding in the MSI Rumble stage.

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