CLG Poome and Luger on increased stage confidence & Renata Glasc pick cover image

CLG Poome and Luger on increased stage confidence & Renata Glasc pick

The bot lane duo of CLG talk about their time in the LCS and Renata Glasc and the current meta.

Week 6 of the LCS Spring Split had a pleasant surprise in store for CLG fans. CLG's victory over Flyquest gets them closer to securing that playoffs spot.'s Piratechnics spoke to the CLG bot lane duo just after their impressive victory over Flyquest.

Q: You got a big win today against a top three opponent. How's the feeling for both of you after that?

Luger: Feels good. I think we played good. The draft was fine, maybe it was good for us. But I think we played well in the game. Our decisions were pretty good in the early and the mid game. I'm kind of happy, yeah. 

Poome: Yeah, I think for this week, what we practiced, we basically showed on the stage. That's a good sign, hopefully we can translate it into more games. We have to stay consistent. The win helps us for sure if we want to make the playoffs. 

Q: Especially against a tough opponent that people don't expect you to beat on paper. I talked a couple of weeks ago to your coach, Thinkcard and he was saying, the biggest thing was to get everybody comfortable on stage. I know Luger, this is your first play in the LCS and Poome this is your second stint, although your first time was online. Do you think especially after a win like that you are particularly comfortable against the bot lanes of the LCS?

Poome: Yeah I think from week to week, I've been way more confident on stage. I'm getting used to it, the feel of playing on stage. And I don't get nervous too much anymore since I came here two or three weeks ago. It just feels really good to playing on stage compared to the first two weeks when it was really nerve-racking when I couldn't really think and the games were played much differently. The feeling was much different than playing from the office or from home.

Q: And you can see that the results really start to tilt in your favor when you get that level of comfort. You mention playoffs as a possibility on the horizon, in both of your opinions, what would CLG need to do to get to a playoff point to be able to contest for the post-season?

Luger: I think we can make good communication in the game, we can have a good draft. I guess that's it. 

Poome: It's just about being consistent, you know to practice, just playing on stage like we played during practice. I'd say that's what we need to do. Ofcourse, there's more details, but that's more for us to work on than for everyone to know. 

Q: Yeah that makes sense. You got to keep some of those things close to the vest. Speaking of getting comfortable on stage and improving communication, you two both come from 100T academy as well. Coming into the League together after spending a year already playing, do you think that brought you a big advantage against some of the other bot lanes especially with so many roster swaps that had happened?

Luger: I think we play well. I think we understand each other pretty good. I think we are at a pretty good level in the bot lane. If we make some good bot draft, I'd say we are at a very good level in the bot lane.

Poome: Yeah, I'd say we have synergy. That doesn't mean that we don't have stuff to work on. It's really helpful that we don't have to learn to play with each other. We already know how we play and what we prefer in the game and understand our mindsets. It's good to be already playing together before we joined LCS.

Q: Yeah, getting that pre-built synergy always helps out. I wanted to ask about some of the Kai'sa stuff, because it does seem this Champion is rising in priority. Even before Faker played that build mid, you had a ridiculous AP ratio on your W. Do you want to talk to me a bit about that build and how much you've been practising this?

Luger: I think AD or AP Kai'sa, it’s kinda on the fence. But most likely, AP Kai'sa is good because she has a lot more chances of big plays, I think. If the team plays around it well, you can hit many Ws and use your high AP ratio.

I think AD Kai'sa is sometimes good if you have so-much percent of lifesteal. Or if you feel like you can’t poke, and poking doesn’t matter, then you can go AD Kai’sa build. I think Kai’sa is pretty strong in some drafts.

Poome: "I think Renata Glasc is pretty weak. She doesn't really do anything in lane. Her cooldowns are pretty high"

Q: You weren't the only Kai'sa player today. Lost also played this champion. But I think his build was a little sus. I know you tweeted about it. 

Luger: Yeah I tweeted about him. I think Lost built some bad items. I think he just went Kraken after Serrated Dirk at 20 minutes. It was kind of a banger to watch. He just bought the Kraken and he went Guardian Angel last item. And he has Nashor's Tooth, some AP item too. Feels like it’s not right on Kai’sa. Yeah it was maybe a grief or something, perhaps.

Q: Yeah, not everyone builds the same, but you guys got the win. Speaking of interesting champions in the bot lane, you guys played against the first LCS Renata Glasc and that was in the hands of Zaqueri "aphromoo" Black. Were you expecting it to come today?

Poome: We thought about it as a possibility. The champion is known to be picked into engage supports because she is really good at disengaging with her ult after level 6. Relatively, I think the champ is pretty weak. She doesn't really do anything in lane. Her cooldowns are pretty high. 

We thought about it. I wasn't too scared of it. I feel like we could have played better, but the Champion is pretty straightforward. We knew how to play against it and we were confident.

Luger: "We are going to make the playoff. Wait for us to show our form against other teams."

Q: You do have a match tomorrow against GG. You've already beaten one top three team, are you feeling confident about your chances now?

Luger: Yeah I think we were thinking of giving him (Lost) Kai'sa and play against his team. Hope he gets some good games. I have many counter-picks against Kai'sa (grins)

Q: Recently LCS announced it will have fans back in the stadium starting playoffs. Does that motivate you guys even harder to get into the top six?

Poome: Yeah I personally never played in front of fans. I want to experience it. It seems kinda cool, meeting people and having fans cheer. I don't know how it sounds and everything so I want to experience it for sure.

Luger : When I was playing in Turkey, it was with the fans. So with fans to play [in front of] it’s really good. It’s a good atmosphere and you kinda hear the fan sounds, or something like that. I think it’s really good, and you can communicate with fans. It’s good. I'm excited, I can’t wait.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to CLG fans? They are known to be particularly die-hard and you just got a very big win to bolster their spirits. 

Poome: I think just keep supporting us. Everyone is trying their best to improve in the team. We are working hard to get better on the team. If it's not right now, we are still working long term to get better on the team. 

Luger: Keep supporting us. We are going to make the playoffs and wait for us to show our form against other teams.

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