The defending League of Legends World Champions and the second LPL team should decide who is the best at the EWC 2024.

The interregional LoL competition is always great to witness, even if the format is as merciless as at the EWC 2024. No losses are allowed here, while the single-elimination brackets give the teams no second chance. T1 and Top Esports did not make big missteps on their way to the decisive match — and the LoL Esports World Cup 2024 final will be between these Korean and Chinese teams.

The match is of the Bo5 format. Potentially this means a lot of brilliant team fights and mind-blowing personal performances! Everything about the LoL EWC 2024 final is here.

Where to watch the LoL EWC 2024 final?

Watch the final match of the League of Legends Esports World Cup 2024 between T1 and Top Esports right here, as the stream is embedded below.

T1 vs Top Esports

The match starts at 7 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET, July 7.

Live score

T1 3:1 Top Esports (T1 is the winner)

Top Esports had an amazingly good start in this match. They smashed their opponents super quickly and won game 1. T1 recovered nicely. They earned a significant advantage in games 2 and 3 to convert this advantage into a match-point situation. Even a pretty good comeback attempt by Top Esports when 369 eliminated four T1 players did not help.

The teams had a pretty even game 4 in the beginning. But after a huge team fight, T1 took a train to their LoL EWC 2024 victory. They got Baron with Dragons and played an effectively aggressive League of Legends — up to the destroyed Nexus of Top Esports.T1 are the LoL Esports World Cup 2024 champions. Congratulations!

“Obviously, we are the best… All we did was enjoy.”


“I’m trying to improve all the time. I’m trying to be better. And I have my teammates and the fans.”

1Top Esports

Matchups and champion picks

T1 picks
Top Esports
Top Esports picks
K'Sante (game 1)
Rumble (game 2)
K'Sante (game 3)
Rumble (game 4)
Renekton (game 1)
K'Sante (game 2)
Renekton (game 3)
K'Sante (game 4)
Zyra (game 1)
Vi (game 2)
Nidalee (game 3)
Sejuani (game 4)
Ivern (game 1)
Maokai (game 2)
Zyra (game 3)
Ivern (game 4)
Corki (game 1)
Ahri (game 2)
Azir (game 3)
Yasuo (game 4)
Tristana (game 1)
Yone (game 2)
Corki (game 3)
Corki (game 4)
Zeri (game 1)
Kalista (game 2)
Ashe (game 3)
Xayah (game 4)
Ashe (game 1)
Ezreal (game 2)
Draven (game 3)
Ezreal (game 4)
Bard (game 1)
Renata Glasc (game 2)
Renata Glasc (game 3)
Rakan (game 4)
Braum (game 1)
Braum (game 2)
Nautilus (game 3)
Leona (game 4)

Banned Champions

T1 bans
Top Esports bans
1Senna, Rumble, Leona, Kalista, NidaleeTaliyah, Sejuani, Azir, Ezreal, Jhin
2Senna, Ashe, Tristana, Kai'Sa, LeonaTaliyah, Sejuani, Corki, Zeri, Nautilus
3Senna, Tristana, Rumble, Ziggs, LeonaSejuani, Vi, Gnar, Kalista, Braum
4Senna, Tristana, Yone, Kennen, ZyraAzir, Taliyah, Renata Glasc, Ashe, Braum

LoL Esports World Cup 2024: China vs Korea

The path of T1 in the League of Legends EWC 2024 is rather shaky. The Korean team started with a pretty difficult match vs BLG — their strategy fell apart in game 2, and only a brilliant effort in game 3 let T1 remain in the tournament. The semi-final vs Team Liquid also wasn’t a relaxing stroll. The North American team looked super strong. Team Liquid even destroyed their opponents in game 1. Still, T1 proved their status as the defending World Champions, and now they are playing in the LoL Esports World Cup 2024 final.

For Top Esports, everything is much brighter at this tournament. In fact, the Chinese team delivers surprises, one after another. First, they won over Gen.G Esports — as the MSI 2024 champions, this team was considered a LoL EWC 2024 favorite. Then, Top Esports won over G2, the strongest League of Legends team in Europe, despite losing 0:3 against these opponents at the MSI 2024. In both these matches, Top Esports lost no game, which is super impressive.

T1 vs TES before the LoL EWC 2024

The teams did not have many chances to play against each other — mainly because T1 is rather in a higher league.

T1 and Top Esports both started the Mid-Season Invitational from the Play-In stage, but they were in different groups. In the Brackets stage, T1 won against G2 twice but then lost two games vs BLG. Top Esports defeated Team Liquid and had a chance for a reverse sweep during their match vs BLG. Then TES lost to G2.

The earlier record is strongly in favor of T1. While they won the LoL World Championship 2023, Top Esports did not even qualify for it. In 2022, T1 was 2nd at the Worlds, and TES were eliminated during the group stage.

The League of Legends Esports World Cup 2024 is full of surprises, though. And many of them come specifically from Top Esports.

The League of Legends tournament at the Esports World Cup 2024 comes to an end with this match. But the EWC 2024 continues with other games. And for LoL, the competition returns to the official regional leagues and, eventually, to the World Championship 2024 in September.

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