T1 Keria did 250 laps of Summoner’s Rift.

Statistics for the recently concluded League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2024 have been revealed. T1 was the leader for a good number of these LoL MSI 2024 statistics, including most MVPs and most gold.

MSI 2024 Statistics

The LoL MSI 2024 stats were posted by an official account called "League of Legends Event Data" on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. Statistics were gathered for the entirety of the event, from the play-in stage to the grand final.

Player and Team Shoutouts

  • Most MVPs: T1 Oner (5 MVPs)
  • Most total kills: Gen.G Peyz (110 kills)
  • Bloodiest game: Team Liquid vs T1 game 1 (1.7 kills per minute)
  • Player with the most total gold: T1 Faker (316,435 gold / 253 Needlessly Large Rods)
T1 LoL mid-laner Faker in the LCK Spring 2024 Grand Final (image via LCK/Riot Games)
T1 LoL mid-laner Faker in the LCK Spring 2024 Grand Final (image via LCK/Riot Games)
  • Team with the most total gold: T1 (1,427,378 gold)
  • Most solo kills: FNC Humanoid (14 times)
  • Most deathless wins: BLG Bin and T1 Gumayusi (5 wins)
  • Most counterjungling done: TL UmTi (11.4% across 11 games)
  • Jungler who killed the most minions: T1 Oner (636 minions total)
  • Laner who killed the most jungle camps: BLG Bin (385 camps total)

Fun and interesting MSI 2024 statistics

  • Player with longest distance kill: EST Snaker on Draven in game 2 of T1 vs Estral Esports (8872 units)
  • Longest lived ward - FNC Humanoid in game 1 of Fnatic vs GAM Esports. (placed on 11:42, lived for 22 minutes 13 seconds)
  • Player with the most distance traveled: T1 Keria (15,017,363 units, 250 laps of the rift)
  • Player with the most low HP escapes (10% HP or 100 HP, whichever is lower): BLG Elk (11 escapes)
  • Total Infernal Cinders picked up: 481
  • Player who picked up the most Infernal Cinders: T1 Gumayusi (46 Infernal Cinders)
T1 LoL bot laner Gumayusi in the LCK Spring 2024 Grand Final (image via LCK/Riot Games)
T1 LoL bot laner Gumayusi in the LCK Spring 2024 Grand Final (image via LCK/Riot Games)
  • Player who stole the most towers: BLG Bin (8 towers total)

Records for Runes and Items

  • Total gold from First Strike: 26,498
  • Player who got the most gold from First Strike in one game: BLG Elk (1,600 gold on Lucian)
  • Total health gained from Grasp of the Undying: 57,727 HP
  • Player who gained the most health from Grasp of the Undying in one game: G2 Brokenblade (2,887 HP on K'Sante)
  • Total Mejai's Soulstealer stacks: 209
  • Player with the most stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer: BLG knight (117 total stacks)

Record-breaking wins and losses

  • Winning with two Nexus towers down: Gen.G Esports vs Bilibili Gaming game 4 (GEN win)
  • Team with most gold lead in game loss: Bilibili Gaming in BLG vs PSG game 2
    • at 16:51, BLG was ahead by 8,377 gold.
  • Team with the most gold lead in a game win: PSG Talon in PSG vs EST game 2
    • at 22:50, PSG was ahead by 19,135 gold.
  • Longest game duration: Gen.G Esports vs Bilibili Gaming (47 minutes 14 seconds)
  • Shortest game duration: FlyQuest vs T1 game 1 (17 minutes 34 seconds)
  • Team with the longest average game duration: Gen.G Esports (34 minutes 38 seconds)
  • Team with the shortest average game duration: Estral Esports (27 minutes 32 seconds)

Neutral objective records

  • Total towers taken assisted by Voidgrubs: 359
  • Most Voidgrubs taken: T1 (93)
  • Total kills assisted by the Elder Dragon: 23
  • Player with the most kills assisted by the Elder Dragon: FLY Jensen (4)
  • Total Elemental Drakes killed:
    • Hextech: 65
    • Ocean: 60
    • Chemtech: 57
    • Cloud: 56
    • Infernal: 44
    • Mountain: 42
  • Baron Nashors slain: 105
  • Elder Dragons slain: 7

League of Legends MSI 2024 concluded with LCK representatives Gen.G Esports as the champions.