The LEC was back with another week of entertaining fixtures. G2 Esports struggled, SK are on the board and we bid farewell to Schalke. Here is what went down in week three of the LEC!

Misfits Gaming: Unstoppable force

Rank: 1st
Record: 6-1
Rank Change: +-

After being tied with G2 Esports in week 2 for first place, Misfits Gaming went into week 3 with one thing in mind, regain sole possession of first place. The luck of the schedule admittedly gave Misfits Gaming two relatively easy matchups from the bottom half of the table.

The organization picked up two wins against Excel and Schalke 04. Of course, as we have learned during the past week, the latter will be selling its LEC spot to Team BDS for a record $31.5m dollars. Understandably, the players have a lot on their mind, and it played in favor of Misfits Gaming to boost them to an impressive 6-1 start to the LEC Summer 2021 split. All they have to do now is ride the momentum.

Fnatic: They are the real deal

Rank: Tied 2nd
Record: 5-2
Rank Change: +1 place

Fnatic is finally starting to come online and for their fans it has been a long time coming. The former kings of Europe went 2-0 on the week to put themselves in the mix for being the best team in Europe. Fnatic started out the week with victory over Astralis. What followed was pure brilliance, FNC's new toper laner Adam shone on Renekton as they stunned long-time rivals G2.

Next week is the perfect opportunity for Fnatic to solidify their place in the standings. They have a relatively easy schedule as they face Schalke in their opening game. This is followed by a meeting against the last-place team in SK Gaming.

Rogue: Holding on

Rank: Tied 2nd
Record: 5-2
Rank Change: +1 place

Rogue won both their games during week 2. Their first game came against Schalke 04 who are in the situation we explained before which for sure affected their overall performance. Their second win came against Astralis who are struggling to find their own identity this split for some reason.

Rogue was one win away from lifting the LEC Spring split trophy, so seeing them do well in the Summer split is not surprising at all. The team members are all playing tremendously, with RGE Inspired and Odoamne shining throughout the matches.

G2 Esports: Fall from grace

Rank: Tied 4th
Record: 4-3
Rank Change: -3 places

The darlings of the LEC had a week to forget. G2 Esports went 0-2 in week 3, something we rarely see happen. They came up against the explosive ticking time bomb of Team Vitality followed by the LEC Classico against FNATIC. They lost both matches but it was a hard schedule for sure.

For now, they dropped down from 1st, which they achieved after beating both Astralis and Rogue in week 2, to being tied in 4th place alongside MAD Lions and Team Vitality. Week 4 has them go up against EXCEL followed by Misfits Gaming. The latter will prove crucial to determine the shape at the top of the standings.

MAD Lions: It is not much but it is honest work

Rank: Tied 4th
Record: 4-3
Rank Change: -1 place

MAD Lions went 1-1 on the week, causing them to drop down a spot in the standings as almost everyone above them had 2-0 results. The efforts of LEC Spring 2021 Rookie of the Split award, Elyoya, were essential in securing the victory against SK Gaming. Sadly, it wasn't enough to overcome Team Vitality.

Week 4 sees MAD Lions go up against Misfits Gaming and Rogue on days 1 and 2 respectively. If the organization manages to secure those two wins, it will catapult them as contenders for the title and among the top of the standings straight away. The deadlock for 4th place will break this week.

Vitality: Moving up in the world

Rank: Tied 4th
Record: 4-3
Rank Change: +2 places

What a week it was for Team Vitality with the LEC side now seriously challenging the top teams. Last week, Esportsgg challenged Vitality to at least go 1-1 on the week given their strength of schedule. They blew it out of the water with two convincing victories over LEC giants in G2 Esports and MAD Lions

Similarly to Fnatic, week four is a huge week for Vitality. They start off the week with a match against Astralis, followed by a date with Excel to end the week. If Vitality are to remain in a top spot they will have to beat the "lower" teams in order to stay there.

Astralis: everything is falling apart

Rank: Tied 7th
Record: 2-5
Rank Change: -1 place

Astralis failed to pick up a single win during week 3. The team's performance has been on a downward trend lately, with no real signs of potentially improving. There are losses where Astralis show glimmers of hope during certain portions of the game, but their execution always comes back to fail them.

The promising start they had is starting to fall apart. Their losses against FNATIC and Rogue this week weren't pretty to say the least. I doubt they will manage to outplay Team Vitality but their match against Schalke 04 might be winnable. At this point, Astralis need to pick things up before spiraling down the standings.

Excel: Its not coming home

Rank: Tied 7th
Record: 2-5
Rank Change: -1 place

While their English football counterparts may be on their way to glory, it is a different story for Excel. Excel suffered a rough week 3 as they went 0-2 as they fall further down the standings. Excel suffered back to back stomps, firstly, at the hands of Misfits Gaming. This defeat was followed by a humiliating defeat at the hands of tenth place SK Gaming.

Things do not get easier for Excel, they start off the week with a match against G2 Esports. This will not be an easy one despite G2 going 0-2 last week. The former champions will be out for blood and will be back stronger than ever. This is followed up with a match against Vitality, a side that is red hot right now in the LEC.

Schalke: Thank you for the memories

Rank: Tied 7th
Record: 2-5
Rank Change: -1 place

It was a sad day for Schalke both on and off the rift. As stated above, Schalke will be departing from the LEC after the summer split has concluded. S04 went 0-2 this week and with only two wins to their name, one last playoffs appearance is in doubt.

Schalke started off the week with a crushing defeat at the hands of one of the LEC's strongest teams in Rogue. This was not even close with Schalke only gaining four kills in what was a clean win by Rogue. The second game was equally as dominant, this time at the Misfits Gaming.

SK Gaming: They are on the board

Rank: 10th
Record: 1-6
Rank Change: +-

SK Gaming is finally on the board! This was a positive sight to see given they had made more roster changes ahead of this week. SK went 1-1 in week three, which leaves them one victory behind the teams tied in seventh. SK's Blue was vital in their win over Excel, going 7/1/6 on Sylas as SK ran over their opponents.

While SK were able to get their first win on the board, it is more than likely they will be going 0-2 next week. SK Gaming starts off the week against Rogue, this is followed by a match with a Fnatic side that is on fire right now. While there is always a chance for an upset, this may be too big of a hill for SK to climb in just one week.