Esportsgg’s weekly LEC recap is back with another round of League of Legends action. G2 is the talk of the town after reclaiming first. There was also more upsets and plenty of talking points as week three looms.

The LEC was back for yet another entertaining week of European League of Legends. G2 Esports was making moves on and off the rift this week with their new partnership. On top of that, Misfits suffered their first setback as the new squad adapts to life in the big leagues. Here is how the week panned out for week two of the LEC summer split:

G2 Esports: Back in the groove

Tied 1st (4-1) +2

G2 Esports, the esports behemoth that recently announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Ralph Lauren, has once again claimed the number one spot in the LEC. The team had a strong showing against Astralis and Rogue. A clean and quick 2-0 week added to their score from week 1 pushed them through the two spots they needed to climb.

The match against Rogue was a 52-kill spectacle. Although some might see it the result of two highly competitive teams clashing, G2 Jankos expressed his discontent with the performance. He attributed that high kill games like these happen when there are too many mistakes, and was looking forward to their classic rivalry match against FNATIC in week 3.

Misfits Gaming: Staying strong

Tied 1st (4-1) +-

Misfits Gaming suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of Rogue. However, they didn’t go down without a fight. The game was extremely close from start to finish, ending with 16 kills in Misfits’ name and 18 to Rogue.

They bounced back quickly to recover from the loss to retain their number one spot alongside G2 Esports. Misfits Gaming won in convincing fashion against Astralis, with MSF Razork popping off on his Rumble. The jungler finished the game with a perfect 4/0/8 scoreline.

Fnatic: Jungle diff

Tied 3rd: (3-2) +4

Fnatic is starting to hit some form with the LEC side winning their last-three regular season matches. It was a bumpy start for Fnatic, losing their first two games, but three solid wins under their belt has turned their poor start around. Bwipo is arguably looking like one of the best junglers in the league right now and Fnatic will need him going into next week's games.

Last split, Fnatic struggled to beat the “easier” teams below them, thus tanking their record and placing them in a low seeding in the playoffs. This time around, they have started well, taking games off of Vitality, Excel and picking up an upset victory over Rogue. Fnatic will need to channel this positive momentum when they go up against long-time rivals G2.

MAD Lions: A dent in the armour

Tied 3rd: (3-2) +1

MAD Lions aren’t as high flying as they were in Spring split. The MSI 2021 European representatives were expected to kickstart the Summer with better performance than what we have seen so far. They opened the week with a loss to EXCEL, and then put up a W on the board when they faced Schalke 04.

Whether this is just a bumpy start to the Summer split or MAD Lions are starting to lose their shine is yet to be decided. However, the performances we have seen so far lack the intensity and precision in execution we have seen from them before.


Tied 3rd: (3-2) +2

RGE Inspired was the star of the show for Rogue in week 2. The jungler carried his team to a victory against Misfits Gaming after an incredible Fiddlesticks ultimate from a dire position in the latter stages of the game. He ended the game with a 8/2/9 scoreline.

Unfortunately, they suffered a loss at the hands of G2 Esports in their second game of the week. The loss put Rogue in 3rd place alongside MAD Lions and FNATIC for now. Week 3 is just around the corner, and the roster’s performance is looking really impressive so far.

Astralis: On the downfall

Tied 6th: (2-3) -4

Following a solid 2-1 start to the season, Astralis has sadly fell back to their old habits. The team didn’t manage to get a single win on the board this week. However, it can be relatively justified considered they came up against both Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports. Both teams are tied in first place currently.

Astralis plays FNATIC and Rogue in week 3, so it doesn’t really get any easier for them. The situation can get dire really quickly for the organization if they fail to pick up a win two weeks in a row. We will have to wait and see what kind of performance they deliver to judge.

Excel: How good are they?

Tied 6th: (2-3) +- 

Excel has had an interesting start to the summer split, they have been faced with the unfortunate task of going up against both spring split finalists in the first two weeks. That being said, they have come through that tough period with a 1-1 record. This week, Excel Esports will go up against Misfits and SK Gaming.

Excel’s first and only win of the week came against the MAD Lions. This was an interesting affair with both sides trading blows and keeping the gold lead close. This was large to both teams taking a baron off of each other and using it to take down multiple objectives. Unfortunately for Excel this is where it went downhill, Fnatic put on a clinic and took care of business against Excel.

Vitality: Baby steps

Tied 6th: (2-3) +3

Similarly to Excel, Vitality has had an up and down start to the LEC summer split. The League of Legends side went 1-1 on the week, moving them to a 2-3 record and tied with an array of teams in sixth place. Domination was the name of the game for Vitality this weekend, they were limited to only kills against Fnatic before putting SK Gaming to the sword.

Next week is a crucial week for Team Vitality if they are to progress towards one of the top spots. They go up against G2 Esports and MAD Lions which is a tough week for any LEC side. Given they already have suffered three losses in five games, Vitality should aim to replicate week 2 with a 1-1 record.

Schalke: Adaptations are being made

Tied 6th: (2-3) +3

Schalke is starting to stabilize after what was a shaky opening week in the LEC. Expectations are not as high on this Schalke side after finishing in the top four of the spring split playoffs so any wins they can pick up ahead of the playoffs is vital. Schalke started the week with a victory over a struggling SK Gaming side, this was followed by a tough defeat to the MAD Lions. 

Next week is where Schalkes mentality will be tested, they go up against two of the strongest teams in the LEC in Rogue and Misfits Gaming. The key for Schalke is to continue what they have been doing, being aggressive in the early game.

SK Gaming: Only winless side in the LEC

10th: (0-5) +-

It is a tough time to be a fan of SK Gaming. Despite their best efforts, it has simply been a horrendous start in the summer split. Treatz has done a decent job since his role swap to the jungle but it has not been enough for them to turn their early-game leads into wins. SK Gaming started off the week with a loss to Schalke, this was followed by a tough loss to Vitality.

While there is certainly the opportunity to cause some upsets, it is looking like SK will be starting off the week with a loss to the spring split champions in MAD Lions. Their best bet of securing a victory will be against the inconsistent Excel Esports. Treatz and SK Gaming have shown they can scrap with teams in the early game, they just have to convert those leads into victories.

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