Here is your detailed hub for the remainder of the 2022 LEC Summer Split regular season and playoffs.

The 2022 LEC summer split regular season has finally come to a close, six of Europe’s best have qualified for the playoffs and will now make their march towards the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. It was heartbreak for some but elation for others, here is what went down in the LEC summer regular season. will provide up-to-date information for the 2022 LEC Summer Split regular season schedule and post-season storylines.

The LEC playoff teams have been confirmed

lec schedule for playoffs. Image courtesy of LEC via Twitter.

In what was an eventful super week, the six playoff teams have been confirmed:

  • G2 Esports
  • MAD Lions
  • Rogue
  • XL Esports
  • Misfits Gaming
  • Fnatic

With only MAD Lions having their place in the postseason confirmed come super week, everything was to play for with eight teams in contention for a playoff spot. They may have left it late, but G2 Esports is still the best team in Europe. The spring split champions went on a five-game winning streak, including top-of-the-table MAD Lions, to snatch first place due to having a better record in the second half of the season.

Fnatic was ‘touch and go’ for the playoffs, the former world finalists had seen themselves fall out of the top six, putting their postseason in jeopardy. A crucial 3-0 against their rivals saw Fnatic leapfrog them into the top six. Monstrous performances from their bottom lane ensured Fnatic would continue their long stint of making the playoffs.

Rogue, XL Esports and Misfits Gaming round out the playoff contestants. Both XL and MSF took part in the final tiebreakers of the season. XL had to take down Vitality in order to make it, while MSF took down Fnatic in a rematch from earlier in the day which was for playoff seeding.

Vitality misses out on playoffs despite a 94.6% chance of making it in

Vitality on the brink of defeat. Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

It was heartbreak for Team Vitality fans on Sunday as they saw their super team crash out of playoff contention. This failure means this will be the first time Luka “Perkz” Perković has missed the playoffs in his career after making it every single time on G2 Esports and Cloud9.

The plan was simple for Vitality, win just one out of three games and you qualify for the playoffs and have a chance at making worlds. The EU side was unable to do that, bombing out of contention with an 0-3 super week record followed up by a tiebreaker loss to XL to wrap up their LEC schedule. To put things into perspective, going into super week Vitality had a 94.6% chance of qualifying for the postseason.

LEC Summer regular season standings

This is the finals standings for the summer split regular season. As stated above, G2 Esports clinched first place after an impressive winning streak helped them snatch it away from MAD.

1.G2 Esports12-65W
2.MAD Lions12-62W
6.XL Esports9-92W
8.SK Gaming7-112L
10.Team BDS3-151L

2022 LEC Summer split regular season results

Here are the results and the schedule for the 2022 LEC summer split regular season.

Week 1

Team 1Team 2Result
VitalityMAD LionsMAD 1-0
Team BDSSK GamingSK 1-0
Misfits GamingXL EsportsXL 1-0
G2 EsportsAstralisG2 1-0
RogueFnaticFNC 1-0
Team BDSAstralisAST 1-0
SK GamingMAD LionsMAD 1-0
VitalityMisfits GamingVIT 1-0
FnaticXL EsportsXL 1-0
RogueG2 EsportsG2 1-0
Misfits GamingAstralisAST 1-0
Vitality Team BDSVIT 1-0
SK GamingFnaticFNC 1-0
G2 EsportsXL EsportsG2 1-0
RogueMAD LionsRGE 1-0

Week 2

Team 1Team 2Result
SK GamingAstralisAST 1-0
VitalityXL EsportsXL 1-0
RogueMisfitsRGE 1-0
Team BDS G2 EsportsBDS 1-0
MAD Lions FnaticMAD 1-0
SK GamingMisfitsMSF 1-0
MAD LionsXL EsportsXL 1-0
RogueAstralisRGE 1-0
Team BDSFnaticFNC 1-0
VitalityG2 EsportsG2 1-0

Week 3

Team 1Team 2Result
Team BDSMisfits MSF 1-0
VitalitySK GamingVIT 1-0
RogueXL EsportsRGE 1-0
FnaticAstralisFNC 1-0
MAD LionsG2 EsportsMAD 1-0
Team BDSXL EsportsXL 1-0
SK GamingRogueRGE 1-0
VitalityAstralisVIT 1-0
MisfitsMAD LionsMSF 1-0
G2 Esports FnaticFNC 1-0

Week 4

Team 1Team 2Result
XL EsportsAstralisAST 1-0
Team BDSMAD LionsMAD 1-0
MisfitsFnaticMSF 1-0
SK GamingG2 EsportsSK 1-0
VitalityRogueRGE 1-0
SK GamingXL EsportsSK 1-0
MAD LionsAstralisMAD 1-0
Team BDSRogueRGE 1-0
MisfitsG2 EsportsMSF 1-0
VitalityFnaticVIT 1-0

Week 5

DateTime (BST)Team 1Team 2Result
22/07/202217:00Team BDSSK GamingSK 1-0
22/07/202218:00Misfits GamingXL EsportsXL 1-0
22/07/202219:00VitalityMAD LionsMAD 1-0
22/07/202220:00G2 EsportsAstralisG2 1-0
22/07/202221:00RogueFnaticRGE 1-0
23/07/202216:00Team BDSAstralisAST 1-0
23/07/202217:00SK GamingMAD LionsMAD 1-0
23/07/202218:00VitalityMisfits GamingVIT 1-0
23/07/202219:00RogueG2 EsportsG2 1-0
23/07/202220:00FnaticXL EsportsXL1-0

Week 6

DateTime (BST)Team 1Team 2Result
29/07/202217:00SK GamingAstralisSK 1-0
29/07/202218:00RogueMisfitsMSF 1-0
29/07/202219:00VitalityXL EsportsVIT 1-0
29/07/202220:00Team BDSG2 EsportsG2 1-0
29/07/202221:00MAD LionsFnaticMAD 1-0
30/07/202216:00SK GamingMisfitsMSF 1-0
30/07/202217:00RogueAstralisAST 1-0
30/07/202218:00MAD LionsXL EsportsMAD 1-0
30/07/202219:00Team BDSFnaticFNC 1-0
30/07/202220:00VitalityG2 EsportsVIT 1-0

Week 7

DateTime (BST)Team 1Team 2Result
05/08/202217:00MisfitsAstralisMSF 1-0
05/08/202218:00VitalityTeam BDSVIT 1-0
05/08/202219:00SK GamingFnaticFNC 1-0
05/08/202220:00RogueMAD LionsRGE 1-0
05/08/202221:00G2 EsportsXL EsportsG2 1-0
06/08/202216:00VitalityAstralisAST 1-0
06/08/202217:00Team BDSXL EsportsBDS 1-0
06/08/202218:00MisfitsMAD LionsMSF 1-0
06/08/202219:00SK GamingRogueSK 1-0
06/08/202220:00G2 EsportsFnaticG2 1-0

Week 8

DateTeam 1Team 2Result
12/08/2022Team BDSMisfitsMSF 1-0
12/08/2022VitalitySK GamingSK 1-0
12/08/2022RogueXL EsportsRGE 1-0
12/08/2022FnaticAstralisFNC 1-0
12/08/2022MAD LionsG2 EsportsG2 1-0
13/08/2022Team BDSRogueBDS 1-0
13/08/2022SK GamingXL EsportsXL 1-0
13/08/2022MAD LionsAstralisMAD 1-0
13/08/2022VitalityFnaticFNC 1-0
13/08/2022MisfitsG2 EsportsG2 1-0
14/08/2022XL EsportsAstralisXL 1-0
14/08/2022Team BDSMAD LionsMAD 1-0
14/08/2022SK GamingG2 EsportsG2 1-0
14/08/2022VitalityRogueRGE 1-0
14/08/2022MisfitsFnaticFNC 1-0
14/08/2022XL EsportsVitalityXL 1-0
14/08/2022FnaticMisfitsMSF 1-0

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