Cloud9 has booked their place in the Mid-Season Showdown grand-finals. The boys in blue dismantled long-time rivals in Team Liquid. Playoff Perkz showed up in a big way for C9 with an MVP calibre performance.

Cloud9 are in a formidable position tonight after securing their first best-of-five win against Team Liquid in the franchise era at the Mid-Season Showdown. 2015 was the last time C9 took down TL in a best-of-five. Cloud9 are the favorites to represent North America at MSI.

Cloud9 started off like a house on fire, picking an early game composition in game one that ran through Team Liquid. Fudge and Blaber showcased their cohesion with multiple dives onto Alphari's defenceless Urgot. From then on Cloud9 were able to take over the map with kills across the board.

TL was able to fight back in game two and punished Cloud9's tweaked composition from game one. C9 subbed out the Renekton for Sion while upgrading their support pick to Rell. TL matched this with Senna and Tahm Kench while rotating Seraphine to mid. The healing was too much for a C9 comp that lacked sustained damage to get onto TL's backline.

Games three and four is where Cloud9 flexed their muscles, Perkz and Zven had a monstrous game three with the former G2 brothers each picking up a quadra-kill. While TL started off well, they were on the clock with an early game composition that simply got outscaled.

Game four felt the closest of the series as far as the drafts went. There were multiple avenues for both sides but where C9 had the edge was their team-fighting. C9 were able to put together multiple picks and multiple fights that saw them steam roll TL come the end of the game.

Fudge stands tall

While Perkz and Blaber are going to receive the accolades for this victory, Fudge has earned his place on Cloud9. Fudge came in like a smoking gun, calling out his fellow top laners and laying the gauntlet down. Alphari and Ssumday answered the call and dismantled the rookie during the LCS Lock-In.

Fudge was consistently showing large creep score deficits even in favorable matchups. Questions were already being asked of Fudge and if Cloud9 has it in them to pull through with this roster move. C9's coaching staff and its players took it upon themselves to help showcase what they see in scrims every day. Fudge is extremely smart about the game and has a wide champion pool. The OCE international adds another dimension to Cloud9's game, with strong performances on tanks and carries.

Fast forward to the Mid-Season Showdown and it is a different story. The rookie is quickly becoming an established member of the roster. Fudge is a win condition for Cloud9 with back to back stellar performances against Ssumday and Alphari. Move over playoffs Perkz, playoffs Fudge is the new buff.

Playoffs Perkz has arrived

After back and forward trash-talking between Perkz and Jensen, it was Perkz who stood tall this series. Perkz is looking unstoppable, reminiscent of his power on G2 Esports. If there were any doubts whether playoffs Perkz would show up, those answers have been squashed.

Perkz has a history of slowly scaling up into a powerhouse the later it gets into the season. When you have won almost ten domestic titles, you can be allowed the luxury to slowly ramp up for playoffs. The trajectory of Perkz from Lock-In to the Mid-Season Showdown has been a joy to watch.

It took some time for Perkz to get to this stage, considering all he has known is G2. C9 grew in strength alongside Perkz as time went on, C9 has a clear identity with Perkz and Blaber at the helm. Perkz and Blaber heavily outperformed their counterparts this series in Jensen and Santorin. Perkz received MVP for this series with impressive performances on an array of champions.

Cloud9 will compete in the MSS Grand finals on April 11 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The opening ceremony will feature an exclusive song preview by Riot Games' heavy metal band, Pentakill.

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