The legendary top laner will be retiring at the end of the season after announcing he will be enlisting into his mandatory military service.

In what is surely going to be his last tournament, legendary top laner Kim "Khan" Dong-ha picked up a Penta-kill. Earlier in the year, the former SKT player announced he would be retiring at the end of the season. It was on his personal stream where he announced the 2021 World Championship would be his last.

At the end of this season, I will retire, because I will most likely receive a notice of enlistment around June next year. That is the deadline for me to perform my military service.

Quote from notagamer, transcribed from Khan's personal stream

With Damwon KIA already locking in the first place, Khan got to be a little adventurous. With the Jayce taken away on the side of Rogue, Kkoma opted into drafting another lane-dominant champion in Lucian. Lucian is one of the few ADC's that can be drafted into the top lane and playing against Jayce should be no trouble for them.

The game started out quite comfortably on the side of Rogue with a very small lead for DWK in the opening minutes. While being behind is never a positive, RGE has struggled frequently in the early game. Khan was already working his magic in the top lane, securing a solo-kill and getting the first blood. When a solo-lane Lucian gets ahead it takes a lot of force to slow him down.

Fans were delighted to see Rogue bounce back after what was a devastating loss to Cloud9 earlier in the day. Come to the fifteen-minute mark, the gold was relatively even with Rogue being up one Dragon. Inspired, who has had an up and down tournament was looking strong on his historic Olaf pick.

While this was not the cleanest game out of the defending World Champions, Rogue was never in a position to take over the game. Top teams are extremely good at controlling games even if the lead is not in the thousands. So even if the game state is even, there is normally only one team in it.

The game wrapped up with Khan earning himself a Penta-kill. Canyon did excellent work positioning the Damwon top laner for this Penta with the Qiyana ultimate. Khan was able to pick up two kills instantly before sweeping up the resent.

Damwon KIA still has one more game to play against a Cloud9 side that is looking to complete the miracle run and make it to another quarter-final.

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