EG secure a huge upset against T1 at MSI 2022 cover image

EG secure a huge upset against T1 at MSI 2022

Evil Geniuses take down T1 for the first time ever at the Rumble stage of MSI 2022

In what feels like a day of upsets, Evil Geniuses secure one against LCK giants, T1. The North American spring split champions defeated T1 in their rematch at MSI 2022 rumble stage and are now levelled with them in the standings. EG's win against T1 is their first-ever against a pool one seed and North America's first against Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok in six years.

The win blows wide open the race for second place with a three-way tie between EG, G2 and T1. It also leaves RNG in pole position for the number one seed and shifts pressure back onto PSG Talon who will have to keep winning to break into the top four.

EG punish T1 mistakes at MSI 2022 Rumble stage

While EG finished the group stage in second, their inability to take a game in four attempts made fans worry about their chances against the other top teams. The team only took games off PSG and Saigon Buffalo in the first round of the MSI 2022 Rumble stage. However, their games against the top teams were a bit close and they showed glimpses of what they could do.

T1 began with a very good early game and quick kills on EG’s bot lane. They continued the game in a dominant fashion winning out in lanes and a solo kill from Choi “Zeus” Woo-je onto Jeong "Impact" Eon-young. However, things started to slip away from them after a rushed baron play.

Even though they were able to stop EG from having a huge baron power play, they failed to learn from their mistakes as they went for another rushed baron take. This baron attempt ended up costing them everything as only Faker remained alive to watch their towers fall.

With a gold lead and baron empowered minions, EG marched down the middle and destroyed T1’s inhibitor. They closed out the game in the 32nd minute after catching out T1’s top laner and jungler trying to clear minions in the mid lane.

T1 continue to have a rough patch in the MSI Rumble stage and have now fallen to all major region teams in the tournament.

A team fight meta tournament

After several games played, it seems like most teams now have the perfect read of the MSI 2022 meta. “Team fight comps are kind of in the meta right now, every victory. They seem to push and win in team fights, "Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki said in the post-game interview.

Even though Jinx suffers in the early game, EG still picked her because of the late-game insurance she offers.

"Jinx as a champion is pretty volatile, if you let her scale she’s up a complete monster. But it can be kind of rough in the early game," Danny said.

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