In the first 5-game grand finals since 2016, Edward Gaming shut down DWG KIA’s hype to win Worlds 2021.

It was the game we had been waiting all year for. The Worlds 2021 Grand Finals were finally here. The big match saw China's regional champions EDward Gaming facing off against the defending World Champions, Korea's DWG KIA. Who would walk away with the coveted Summoners Cup?

Game 1: Meiko's Zilean leads Edward Gaming to victory

Game 1 saw some interesting draft picks. Kim "Khan" Dong-ha played Yasuo for DK in the top lane, while Tian "Meiko" Ye took Zilean for EDG in support. And it was the latter who saved the game time and time again to bring EDG the victory.

Repeatedly saving EDG's crucial members during teamfights, Meiko was a difference-maker. And so was EDG's macro, helping them stack a lead. They eventually closed it out to take a 1-0 lead in the Worlds finals.

Game 2: DWG KIA strike back with a vengeance

Game 2 was all DK. Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu had a monster game on Qiyana, setting DK up with a huge lead in the early game. They got far ahead, and it was all EDG could do to keep up.

There was eventually some hope for the Chinese side thanks to a miraculous Baron steal from Zhao "JieJie" Li-Jie. But they'd lose the ensuing teamfight, and DK pressed the advantage. Khan's Graves got fed through several teamfights, and helped DK clean it up to tie the series.

Game 3: Teamfighting and drake-stacking brings DWG KIA to match point

Things started out very close in Game 3. The early game was all about macro plays, and EDG were the ones coming out ahead. They secured a gold lead that would last for much of the game.

DWG KIA were making things happen in their own right, though. They stacked drakes and would put themselves on soul point very quickly. Then, they proved their teamfighting prowess. Heo "ShowMaker" Su made play after play on Sylas, stealing Xin Zhao ultimates routinely to knock EDG off their teamfighting rhythm.

DK would eventually close it out, putting themselves one win away from their second Summoners Cup.

Game 4: EDG send us to the first Game 5 in Worlds finals since season 6

Game 4 was much slower-paced. EDG's macro, which had been so good all series, paid off in spades here. They stacked drakes to soul point, when another steal from JieJie gave them the buff. DK had already unusually failed to find solid teamfights, and this made that even harder. EDG scaled, especially Li "Flandre" Xuan-Jun on Graves, to send us to Game 5.

There hasn't been a Game 5 in Worlds Finals since season 6. That was the year when SK telecom T1 cemented their dynasty by winning two world championships back-to-back. Is it now DK's turn, or can EDG stop them in their tracks?

Game 5: Edward Gaming close it out to become the World Champions

It all came down to Game 5. Again, things started out pretty slowly. But as the game went on, EDG began to pull ahead - amazingly, by out-teamfighting DK.

Usually so good in fights, it began badly with ShowMaker getting picked off in the bot side raptor camp. EDG would continue to find fights, in no small part thanks to Scout repeatedly weaving around obstacles to land amazing Zoe bubbles.

Eventually, it was over. DWG KIA couldn't stand up to Edward Gaming in the end. The Summoners Cup is heading back to the LPL - China's Edward Gaming are the 2021 World Champions.

This article will be updated as the series progresses. Stay tuned to for the latest League of Legends news and updates, and coverage of Worlds 2021.

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