Counter Logic Gaming went for a Hard Knocks approach to their content, but the NA organization fell short in a quickly deleted tweet.

In a now deleted tweet, CLG tried to tease upcoming roster changes via video, but the message rang hollow and insensitive.

Why did CLG delete the tweet

CLG posted a Hard Knocks esque after a 1-2 week saw CLG's playoff hopes dwindle. In the minute long clip, CLG's League of Legends General Manager Tafo tells his players that this could be the last time they are all teammates. After a minute of talking, a sponsor (Bud Light) logo flashes across the screen teasing a future series for the brand.

The tweet was quickly the talk of the community as the majority of reactions were critical of how CLG handled the situation. A variety of opinions quickly spawned, but everyone seemed to agree that the video was both uncalled for and in poor taste.

CLG decided to apologize almost an hour later, but the damage has already been done.

How could CLG have handled the situation?

Content with the tone and angle that CLG were going for has been done in both esports and traditional sports. The aforementioned "Hard Knocks" is a great case study on the matter. Team Liquid's Breaking Point is a must watch documentary for all LoL fans.

Unfortunately, this teaser lacked the gravity and weight of Breaking Point and the finesse of Hard Knocks. Simply, if this was posted without a sponsor and in better taste the negative reaction could have been averted. After the TL Alphari situation, orgs are considerably worried about being transparent, but not every private interaction needs to be in front of a camera.

CLG deleting the tweet was the right thing to do, but the entire situation front to back was out of character for an organization with the history of CLG. Do you think CLG was right or wrong? Let us know on our socials @esports!