100 Thieves are on a path to break historical records at this pace. 8 wins in a row, and counting. Licorice moves to Golden Guardians from FlyQuest.

100 Thieves: Are you not entertained?

Rank: 1st
Record: 24-9
Rank Change:+-

No team in the LCS at the moment is able to stop 100 Thieves from winning. The team has so far recorded 8 wins in a row. There is a lot of loss streaks ongoing in the league, but the only two teams with 2+ win streaks, 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses.

100 Thieves took down Team Liquid, FlyQuest, and Counter Logic Gaming. It wasn't the hardest of weeks, but another 3-0 week is definitely sending warning signals to the rest of the league. Golden Guardians, Evil Geniuses, and TSM will all have a chance to break this streak in week 6.

TSM FTX: Bearish sentiment

Rank: 2nd
Record: 23-10
Rank Change:-1 place

TSM FTX won 2 games out of their 3 in week 5, same score from week 4. TSM FTX lost their opening game of the week against a Dardoch-less Dignitas. They turned their week around with wins and strong performances against Immortals and more importantly, Cloud9.

In the Cloud9 matchup, TSM FTX Lost on Kalista was incredibly hard to kill, actually impossible. He managed to put up an impressive 5/0/5 KDA, and was the First Blood slayer of the game as well.

Cloud9: When will things work?

Rank: 3rd
Record: 21-12
Rank Change:+-

Cloud9 have looked shaky to say the least over the past couple of weeks. Not the form you would expect from the LCS Mid-Season Showdown and Spring champions really. The return of Zven should have set things on track, and it is slowly but surely doing so. Cloud9 ended week 5 with a 2-1 record, beating both Immortals and Team Liquid, and losing to TSM FTX.

Cloud9's week 6 schedule see them avoid some of the big names, but clash with Evil Geniuses on day 3, who are on a 5-game winning streak at the moment. Other encounters will be against Dignitas and FlyQuest. This is a golden opportunity to use this week as a confidence booster and cement their playoffs spot.

Team Liquid: Down you go

Rank: 4th
Record: 20-13
Rank Change:-1 place

Week 5 didn't treat Team Liquid nicely, with only 1 win added to their record and 2 losses. Team Liquid won only against FlyQuest, who are in a turmoil of their own at the moment, so losing against them would have been suicide.

The two losses they endured was against the top two teams of the league, 100 Thieves and Cloud9. It was not a good indication of Team Liquid's competitiveness and their aspirations of trying to go on top of the standings.

Evil Geniuses: Quietly a dark horse

Rank: 5th
Record: 19-14
Rank Change:+-

Evil Geniuses have been slowly becoming one of the best teams in the league. They are arguably the third best team right now and have won their last five games. Evil Geniuses went 3-0  on the week to move themselves within four games of a top two place. 

Business is about to pick up for Evil Geniuses as the LCS side prepares to take on Immortals, Cloud9 and the unstoppable 100 Thieves. If EG are to get through this week with another 3-0, then they can be considered one of the contenders to win the championship.

Dignitas: Stay put

Rank: 6th
Record: 17-16
Rank Change:+-

Dignitas had 2-1 week, but one of those wins came against TSM FTX. A victory over anyone above you in the standing is usually a positive, and shows improvement. However, they are going to stand their ground for now in the standings.

Their week 6 schedule isn't anything to take lightly. Dignitas will take on Team Liquid and Cloud9 on day 1 and 2 respectively. What their performance will look like is hard to predict considering their form.

Immortals: Best of a bad bunch

Rank: 7th
Record: 15-18
Rank Change:+-

Immortals had a difficult schedule in week five of the LCS. They went 1-2 this week, losing their opening two games to Cloud9 and TSM. Immortals rounded out the week with a victory over Dignitas. Immortals can be described as the best of a bad bunch. They are likely to stay within the 6th-7th position and will have to start the playoffs in the lower bracket. 

On their day, Immortals can beat anybody in the league, but also lose to the worst team in the league on a bad day. They do not have the luxury that many of the top teams have, world class players that can bail them out of a bad situation. IMT has an easier schedule this week based on the standings, they take on EG, TL, and FlyQuest who will be subbing in their academy roster this week.

FlyQuest: Goodbye Licorice

Rank: Tied 8th
Record: 9-24
Rank Change:+-

Things are getting really rough for FlyQuest. They are in a gigantic slump right now as they have lost an unprecedented 10 games in a row. The poor form has resulted in mass changes, firstly, Licorice has departed from the org and will now be playing under the Golden Guardians banner. Secondly, FlyQuest announced recently their academy team will be subbing in for week six.

FlyQuest does not have an easy game to ease into, either. They take on an upward trending Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals. Despite losing ten games in a row, FlyQuest still finds themselves in with a shout of the playoffs, being level with CLG who are also on a huge loss streak of their own.

Counter Logic Gaming: When will a win come?

Rank: Tied 8th
Record: 9-24
Rank Change:+-

Things have gone down hill for CLG since their impressive 3-0 week. CLG has lost six games on the bounce and will need to pick it up soon with FlyQuest also sharing nine wins. CLG lost against the tenth place side in Golden Guardians, the surging Evil Geniuses and the number one team in 100 Thieves.

Next week is a crucial week for CLG, they go up against two of the worst teams in the league as well as TSM. While they are heavily expected to lose to TSM, they need to go 2-1 this week to ensure they are the favorites for that eighth and final spot in the playoffs. 

Golden Guardians: Welcome Licorice

Rank: 10th
Record: 9-25
Rank Change:+-

Golden Guardians was the talk of the town following the most recent LCS week. They opted into acquiring Licorice from FlyQuest. This can be seen in many ways, one of them being a great future-thinking move for the team. It is more than likely they will change out their roster heading into the 2022 season. Meaning this is the smartest move to get Licorice embedded into the organisation now and start planning for the future. 

GGS has one of the hardest schedules a team could ask for as they go up against 100 Thieves, TSM and a Team Liquid roster that is likely to have Alphari returning to the top lane. Even if GGS has a honeymoon period with Licorice in the roster, this is one of the toughest schedules in the calendar year and it is hard to see where GGS picks up a win.

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