The League of Legends developer has revealed first new information about the changes to the 2022 season.

Riot Games has introduced several changes to the 2022 League of Legends pre-season. The game developer released a post on Wednesday, highlighting changes to items, dragons as well as new challenges to League of Legends.

What are the changes coming to the new LoL season?

The new League of Legends 2022 season will feature several changes. Riot Games has already outlined several changes that will come in the new season previously. The latest blog post is meant to bring several of these new features under one umbrella. With Challenges, players have a way to showcase their achievements to their friends. Players can also customize their appearance to others.

In addition to these changes, there will also be elemental changes to dragons as well as a few changes to items in the new season. 

League of Legends challenges

Riot Games proposed identity changes on July 14. These changes are the foundational work for the new challenges system, Riot announced today. Challenges allow players to complete some bonuses and rewards. The challenges system encompasses a broad spectrum of accomplishments in League of Legends. So no matter what your playstyle is, there is something for everyone to complete and show off in-game.

<em>An image of League of Legends Challenges. Image Credit: </em><a href=""><em>Riot Games</em></a><em>.</em>
An image of League of Legends Challenges. Image Credit: Riot Games.

Here are the specific goals Riot Games wants to accomplish with League of Legends:

  • Players can track their general mastery and investment in League of Legends.
  • LoL Players can visualize and compare a variety of League accomplishments.
  • Players have many different types of Challenges and accomplishments to progress and strive towards.

Progression Identity Updates

League of Legends will also introduce a series of identity updates that allows players to customize their appearance to others. This includes Titles, Tokens and rank as a means to show off your progress to others. It also includes an overall score of all the different Challenges players have climbed through in the form of a tiered progression crystal. Riot has also promised to introduce champion-specific personalization options to the game in the future.

Dragons of the Summoner Rift

Riot Games plans to introduce terrain changes in the new season. Terrain changes are going to be even more drastic with the new season. After the second dragon dies, the map shifts to the terrain of the third dragon; but these changes will be even more drastic now.

Items & their strategic importance

Riot Games has decided to pull back on some of the item changes introduced last year. Mythic changes are now more meaningful, while not forcing players to make decisions about their Legendary items.

Riot wanted to add more strategic variety to the game via player’s item choices. But after player feedback, Riot is pulling back on how important these strategic choices are to the game. Not forcing players to make decisions about Legendary items allows players the freedom to play the game as per their wish.

Riot wants to bring all the changes under one umbrella, tying several of these links together. The game developer has outlined its plans for the 2022 season, but will share more information about its plans soon in the next few months.

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