Today we are taking a look at all the changes ready to hit the Howling Abyss and Summoners’ Rift.

The 2023 League of Legends preseason is in full swing and Riot brings new changes to both ARAM and standard games. Today we’ll take a look at all the LoL 2023 preseason update changes to expect, including a summary of the biggest changes hitting the League of Legends world.

Preseason 2023 starts November 15th. Image via League of Legends Twitter

ARAM changes

If you love seeing the hexgates on summoners’ rift, you’ll be thrilled to hear that hexgates are coming to howling abyss. Similarly to on the rift, the addition of hexgates to the abyss will mean players are able to get back into fights that much faster. The only difference? There will be an ice themed design to the hexgates to be in keeping with the theme on howling abyss.

New Hexgates on ARAM – Image via Riot Games

Towers will also be changing. Instead of the rubble from a crashing tower disappearing, the rubble will be left on the map. Meaning both players and minions will have to negotiate around it to return to their original positioning. This will create new choke points on the abyss, adding a new level to your play and more opportunity for interesting plays.

New tower debris will add a new level of play in the LoL 2023 preseason update.
New tower debris – Image via Riot Games

Good news if new choke points pique your interest. The LoL 2023 preseason update includes a new bush on the bottom side of the bridge. Which according to Riot is ‘ juuust big enough to fit a team of 5’ so if you were missing those bush lurks and fights from the rift, they’ll be hitting the abyss very shortly.

There's a new bush in store for ARAM players.
The new bush to ARAM – Image via Riot Games

Rift changes

If you were one of the (admittedly) few people sad at the loss of Chemtech drake during the start of the 2022 season, then get excited, the drake will be making a return to the rift for the 2023 season. The drake’s return to the rift will now grant smaller amounts of health / damage to opponents and teammates. This means the rift becomes Chemtech-inspired once more.

The Chemtech Drake returns to the Rift in the LoL 2023 preseason update.
The Return of Chemtech Drake to the Rift

Companion Pet for Junglers:
The LoL 2023 preseason update will allow Junglers a companion pet (yes we are serious) into the jungle with them, which they can purchase from the shop. The three pets provide different benefits to the jungler. So figure out in advance which one you want from what egg.

Benefits include bonus damage, bonus heals and improved movement speed.

Junglers can now have pets!
Companions for Junglers

Camps, Pathing and More:
The 2023 season is a boon to Jungler players. Including changes and notifications for junglers on how far you can pull a camp out of its area, and the range it can be pulled will be decreasing. Newer junglers can find the new jungle pathing suggestions of benefit, which will suggest the most successful path for the patch being played to complete a clear.

Voting on Objectives:

An objective-based ping voting system allows for non-verbal communication. This is partially aided by a new vision and ping system meant to help communicate with each other without in-game chat–which has been reportedly decreasing throughout the off season.

The LoL 2023 preseason update includes a vote on objectives.
Vote on Objectives – Image via Riot Games

You can view all the updated patch notes over on Riot’s website.

Remember: Get ahead of the game and get a PBE account where Riot tests new ideas and patch changes before any region.

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