Need a High Elo ADC Tier list for patch 11.8? We got you. Pro coach and Challenger Eric Lay breaks down which champions you should be picking and why.

This tier list is aimed at players around Diamond 2 and above. These champions generally require more mechanics and better positioning to pull off. We recommend everyone to give them a try but remember some champs require good positioning and mechanics to do their job effectively.  This is our High Elo ADC Tier List.

God Tier = Jinx, Vayne (ADC Tier List)

Vayne is a very high-skill and mechanical champion. She is put in the high Elo ADC tier list because if you are able to kite and stay alive she can melt any tank or front line the enemy team has.  Play smart and try to survive the team fights by focusing on attacking the closest target. Just don’t try to be 'Hi Im Gosu' and try to 1v9 every fight. As long as you play front to back and use your ultimate effectively. She is a strong choice.

For Vayne runes I recommend Press the Attack as your primary. For the secondary, I believe going domination in your secondary runes with Ultimate hunter. Having the shorter cooldown on your ultimate makes it more available for critical fights. As for her mythic item, I recommend Kraken Slayer.  Especially if you are able to survive the laning phase and you're facing a tanky team. If you are having trouble with the early game Immortal Shieldbow is a viable alternative to help you survive the early game.

Vayne is a god tier choice for patch 11.8
Vayne is a god tier choice for patch 11.8

With the constant Jinx buffs, we finally see Jinx being pulled out of the barn. The major change that helped her is the increased attack range of Q and not as much attack speed reduction while active. She can outrange and out-push any ADC with her rocket form. I do recommend you manage your wave carefully while rocket form is active.

Your entire goal as Jinx is to play around with your support and focus on proper positioning. Jinx does have a severe lack of mobility but with her new attack range, she has become a monster of a carry. If you are able to scale, she is a terrifying hyper carry in the mid to late game. We recommend running lethal tempo and going Kraken Slayer as your mythic.

S-tier = Jhin, Ashe, Tristana, Sivir, Swain, Karthus 

Jhin has always been a strong pick as an ADC. Even if you fall behind he provides a good amount of utility from his W and the insane range of his ultimate. Jhin has a variety of play styles that makes him incredibly powerful. You can play him aggressively, with an aggressive support, or you can play passively to scale.

Jhin can easily be the hyper carry of the team and deal immense damage. Jhin's major downside however, is that he can struggle against really tanky teams. Once you get hold of Last Whisper it does get better but since he has no % health damage he can struggle if set behind. For runes, I recommend Dark Harvest if you are playing for kills in lane or if you need to survive a heavy poke lane go Fleet Footwork. Your mythic item should be Galeforce, which will help with the lack of Jhin’s mobility.

Karthus has been incredibly strong all season and patch 11.8 hasn't changed that
Karthus has been incredibly strong all season and patch 11.8 hasn't changed that

Karthus has been extremely strong for the entire season and is a highly potent mage pick for the bot role. His scaling is unmatched if you are able to survive the laning phase.  The biggest mechanic for Karthus is knowing when to go diving into the middle of team fights and of course landing your Q’s. If you can do this you will be climbing the ladder in no time. I recommend running Dark Harvest as your primary. For your secondary rune, you need to be running precision with Last Stand. You want Last Stand because you get the full effect of the rune which increases your damage by 11% when your passive is active. 

I would also strongly recommend giving Ashe a try with the recent buffs to her ultimate cooldown, As a result, Ashe has more chances to get picks in the mid to late game. Even though Ashe has low mobility if she positions correctly, she has a strong damage output with a strong pick potential.

Ashe can be a monster in SoloQ if you are able to land your ultimates on those enemy champs out of position. As for the runes, you should run lethal tempo as your primary rune, and as for your secondary have inspiration.  The reason we want inspiration is that we want to be running Approach Velocity which will give us move speed every time we attack an enemy champion. Since you are the one impairing the enemy champions with your passive you get +15% move speed when walking toward the enemy champion.

A-tier = Ezreal, Lucian, Samira, Heimerdinger, Senna, Varus, Twitch, Caitlyn, Seraphine, Miss Fortune, Kai’Sa

As for our A-tier ADC, Kai’sa is still a really strong choice. With the recent nerfs to Kai’sa ultimate cooldown, her win rate has dropped to an even 50% win rate. This doesn't mean she still isn't a strong pick. Kai'sa can still hyper-carry games extremely well. You just need to be more cautious with using your ultimate as it is on a longer cooldown. For Kai'sa's runes you should run Hail of Blades as your primary. As for your secondary you can either go Precision or Inspiration. 

Kai'sa's cooldown nerfs to her ultimate have wounded her, but she can still be deadly
Kai'sa's cooldown nerfs to her ultimate have wounded her, but she can still be deadly

Samira is also a great pick in our A tier. She has great all-in potential and a high chance of snowballing in the early game. The big problem with her kit is she has very short range and has to play as all-in ADC. So if you fall behind as a Samira, it's going to be a rough game.  I highly recommend playing her when you have all-in/CC support. Good supports to pick with Samira are Nautilus, Leona, and Alistar. For her runes, I recommend going Conquer as her primary, and for her mythic item going Immortal Shieldbow. 

B-tier = Aphelios, Kalista, Yasuo, Xayah, Kog’Maw, Ziggs, Draven  

Aphelios is a strong hyper carry but his early laning phase and lack of mobility really hold him back. If he ever falls behind he feels awful to play but if you have a team play around you. He can be very strong especially with a Lulu support. We recommend taking Conquer as your primary rune and for your mythic going Kraken Slayer. 

Kog’maw, is one of my favorite ADCs, high-risk but high damage. He can have the highest damage output if he's able to auto-attack freely. Of course, with this high damage comes his extreme lack of mobility and frailty as a champion. Even if you're a really great ADC player who positions well with a good game sense of knowing where to be, Kog'maw still has extreme trouble. I would only recommend playing him with a Lulu who can just focus on peeling you. As for your runes, I recommend Lethal tempo and for your mythic going Kraken. 

Aphelios is a strong hyper carry but don't let yourself fall behind
Aphelios is a strong hyper carry but don't let yourself fall behind

As for the rest of my picks we have Xayah, with her lack of mobility and no percent health damage, she just takes too long to scale to be considered a good ADC. Another choice is Kalista, who is a menace early game if she gets ahead. That said, unless you have extremely aggro support who knows how to use Kalista's ultimate she is not even worth looking at. Kalista falls off extremely hard in the mid to late game.

Elsewhere we have an extra mage pick in Ziggs who just doesn't apply enough early game pressure as he used to. If he is set behind you might as well be throwing Aram snowballs at people to deal more damage. If you can pick Yasuo into enchanter support he could be good if paired up with a Nautilus or Thresh. Yasuo is just way too situational to be considered a viable ADC in my tier list.

ADC Tier List Conclusion

Even in our general ADC tier list, ADC is one of the most important roles in League of Legends and also one of the hardest. Playing this role you will need to know how to position and kite.

One miss-step will result in being killed by the enemy quickly. I hope with this tier list you can pick the best ADC in the meta to help your climb the ladder. Be smart and play around your team. Your damage is critical to your team’s success.