Beloved League of Legends caster has stated that he has decided not to participate in Worlds 2021 despite being invited by Riot Games.

Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines announced on Twitter earlier today that he will not be casting at Worlds 2021. The LCS Shoutcaster began his career on Riot Games' official broadcast in 2017 and has become a staple at international events ever since. CaptainFlowers' high octane casting style quickly made him a favorite among fans and a constant presence in League of Legends esports. Unfortunately, Worlds 2021 in Iceland will be take place without one of the scene's most hype casters.

Why CaptainFlowers is missing Worlds 2021

In his announcement, CaptainFlowers made it clear that this was not a decision made by Riot Games. Initially, CaptainFlowers was expected to be a part of the Worlds 2021 broadcast. Instead, CaptainFlowers shares that he has struggled with his mental and physical health over the past year. He states that long-winded nature of Worlds would only exacerbate this this burnout. As an over month long event, Worlds is undoubtedly demanding on players, production crews, and on-air talent. The regular schedule change, whether it be from remote or on LAN is something that CaptainFlowers admitted to have struggled with.

Further on in his apology, CaptainFlowers apologized profusely for missing out on Worlds 2021. CaptainFlowers did state that he intends on re-streaming Worlds 2021 matches for NA friendly hours. CaptainFlowers made clear that this is not a Riot Games project but something that he is taking on individually. He also announced a return to regular streaming during the long offseason break. CaptainFlowers' statement has been met with incredible support and largely facilitated a greater discussion on the importance of self-care in the esports space.

CaptainFlowers has so far had a remarkable casting career. He has made an appear at every Worlds and MSI since beginning his professional career with Riot Games. CaptainFlowers even won Caster of the Year at the Esports Award in 2020. Even though CaptainFlowers may be missing Worlds 2021, we can expect the Captain to come back stronger than ever in 2022.