Bel’Veth reveal! Riot Games unveils the new Void champion in cinematic cover image

Bel’Veth reveal! Riot Games unveils the new Void champion in cinematic

Bel’Veth’s appearance is now official, as Riot Games drops a new cinematic showcasing the champion.

The wait for official news is over as League of Legends’ newest champion, Bel’Veth, is revealed. Developer Riot Games debuted a cinematic showcasing the queen of the Void on May 20th, across social media and YouTube.

The cinematic reveal shows Kai’Sa confront Bel’Veth, before attempting to battle the new champion. The confrontation ends with Kai’Sa seemingly coming under control of the new champion. The video, titled All That Will Ever Be, pushes home the fact that Bel’Veth is set to be a dominating force in the game.

What we know about Bel’Veth after her Reveal

After teasers, hints, and leaks, we now have our first good look at the new Void champion. We previously detailed everything we knew about Bel'Veth in our dedicated article. But with the cinematic reveal, there's even more information to dig through.

Bel’Veth is a transforming jungler who uses her controlling powers to defeat her foes. Switching forms between a more humanoid-looking creature, and her seemingly ‘true-form,’ that of a monstrous manta ray-like animal, the Queen of the Void will take to the Rift to terrorize summoners later this year.

Teasers have been released throughout MSI 2022. However, it’s expected a full release date for the champion will be unveiled after the event. 

Meanwhile, reactions to the Bel'Veth reveal online have been incredibly positive. The League Community, and gaming community as a whole seems to have instantly fallen in love with Bel’Veth.

Overall, people are *ahem* ‘invested’ in the new Champ. Especially those who have grown tired of the League’s trend to stick with human-looking Champions for recent releases. A monstrous-main for League’s most ‘cultured’ players.