Riot is offering a number of new skins in League of Legends to celebrate the release of their Netflix show Arcane. Here’s how to unlock them.

With the release of Riot Games' Arcane, Riot is celebrating with a number of skins based on their hit new Netflix show set in the League of Legends universe.

In order to unlock each of the skins, it's a rather simple process. All you need to do is either one win game, or play three games, during each of the three-episode block release windows on Netflix. Of course, if you miss the initial week, you can unlock all of the skins by accomplishing the objectives before December 9 at 12:59 PM Pacific time.

All of the festivities kick off November 8 at 8 AM Pacific time.

Arcane JayceWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesJayce Champion Permanent + Arcane Jayce Skin PermanentNov 8, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane ViWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesVi Champion Permanent + Arcane Vi Skin PermanentNov 15, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane CaitlynWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesCaitlyn Champion Permanent + Arcane Caitlyn Skin PermanentNov 22, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane JinxWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesJinx Champion Permanent + Arcane Jinx Skin PermanentNov 24, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Here's how to get each skin.

Here's a quick look at each Arcane skin:

Arcane Jayce League of Legends skin

Arcane Vi League of Legends skin

Arcane Caitlyn League of Legends skin

Arcane Jinx League of Legends skin

Arcane's premiere was watched by over 600,000 people just on Riot Games' Twitch channel alone last night, not including the dozens of costreamers for the event. The Red Carpet event was attended by celebrities both within the Riot esports ecosphere, but also big names like Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. Arcane has even invaded games like Fortnite and PUBG.

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