Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3 adds three new characters, an upgraded universe cover image

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3 adds three new characters, an upgraded universe

There’s also an update on when the beloved game will release on PS5.

HoYoverse today announced more details about Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3. Named “Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins”, the new patch will bring significant upgrades and several new features to the game. Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3 releases on August 30. Here’s all we know about the new patch.

The ‘Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins’ includes story missions, a new area, new playable characters, and much more. There’s also an upgraded simulated universe that adds to the content within the game for HSR fans to enjoy. 

Three New playable characters

Dan Heng -  Imbibitor Lunae

Image Credit: MiHoverse
Image Credit: MiHoverse

Three new playable characters will join the game - Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae, Fuxuan, and Lynx. The trio presents a nice balance of a DPS, tank, and a Healer in the game. 

Dan Heng gets the Imbibitor Lunae title in the Vidyadhara high elder succession. The title once belonged to Dan Heng’s previous incarnation, Dan Feng, a member of the High-Cloud Quintet.

Dan Heng consumes skill points to unlock powerful abilities and for players, this gives them an opportunity to enhance their basic attack to 3x. His ultimate deals imaginary damage to a single enemy as well as adjacent characters. 


Image Credit: MiHoverse
Image Credit: MiHoverse

Xianzhou Luofu, Fu Xuan can calculate every move in advance thanks to the mysterious omniscia on her forehead. She is a Quantum-Type five-star character and follows the path of destruction.


Image Credit: MiHoverse
Image Credit: MiHoverse

Lynx comes from the Landau family and is a four-star character in Honkai Star Rail.She brings several healing abilities that power her teammates as a Quantum Character using the path of Abundance.

Her fascination for the outside world comes from her upbringing and her strong connection with Jarilo-VI’s story, her teachers, and just in general the Landau family history. It was this fascination with the outside world that prompted her to venture out into the snow and test her survival skills.

Simulated Universe Update

Image Credit: MiHoverse
Image Credit: MiHoverse

Herta’s universe sees a Major upgrade in Honkai Star Rail version 1.3. The ‘Celestial Eyes above Mortal Ruins’ will see the introduction of “The Swarm Disaster”. The name is derived from a catastrophe that took place ages ago and was caused by Tayzzyronth, the Aeon of Propagation. Players can traverse different paths in this Universe as well as discover the ‘Path of Propagation’

Honkai Star Rail is available on PC via the Epic Games Store, Android, and iOS. The game will launch on PS5 in Q4 2023 and will include Cross Play and Cross Save, HoYoverse announced today.

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