Gallagher in Honkai: Abilities, Path, Light Cone, release date cover image

Gallagher in Honkai: Abilities, Path, Light Cone, release date

Hold on to your watermelons.

Gallagher has been a slow, but fiery burn for certain parts of the Honkai: Star Rail community, and now his abilities, Light Cone, and Path have finally been revealed. The security agent-turned-bartender is finally making his debut in patch 2.1 with a banner set to feature him. Hoyoverse hasn’t revealed much about his in-game stats, but clever fans and insiders have already figured it all out.

If you plan on dipping into your Stellar Jade, here’s everything you should know about Gallagher in Honkai: Star Rail, from his abilities to his Path to his Light Cone.

4-star Gallagher Light Cone, Path, and abilities explained

Gallagher will be a 5-star Fire Abundance character, a brand-new combo of Path and Light Cone. Intended to be a dedicated damage dealer, Gallagher’s kit includes multiple ways to dish out pain while also packing some healing and debuffing. 

Basic ATK
Inflicts Fire DMG on a target.
Enhanced Basic ATK
Deals additional Fire DMG and decreases the opponent’s ATK for a fixed number of turns.
Gallagher heals allies up to a certain portion of his ATK stat.
Upon activation, Gallagher deals Fire DMG while inflicting a debuff on enemies, which increases their Break DMG taken for a few turns. The ability further enhances his Basic ATK.
<em>A unique Path and Light Cone combo that can both attack and defend (Image via Hoyoverse)</em>
A unique Path and Light Cone combo that can both attack and defend (Image via Hoyoverse)

As expected, Gallagher scales quite a bit off of ATK, so much so that it could be worth prioritizing pure ATK relics over ones that boost CRIT. Gallagher also makes use of a unique debuff called Besotted. Besotted enemies heal attacks and increases Break DMG, which could set up either an ally’s break or his own. He can also reduce enemy ATK after burning his Ultimate. Between that and his healing, Gallagher looks like a relatively selfless damage character meant to compliment a second attacker.

Based on his abilities, Gallagher’s best Light Cone will probably be Echoes of the Coffin, a 5-star Abundance weapon. Good alternatives include Quid Pro Quo due to its high base ATK and Post-Op Conversation for its healing buff.

Gallagher release date set for Honkai Star Rail 2.1

Hoyoverse has not confirmed Gallagher’s release date, but he will most likely drop on Mar. 20 for the Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 update. He is expected to appear on either Archeron or Aventurine’s Warp. As a 4-star, he will be relatively easy to pull multiple Eidolons. His first two increase Effect RES and Energy at the start of battles and make his Skill remove a debuff, increasing his versatility as a support.

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