Aventurine abilities, release date, Path, and Light Cone explained cover image

Aventurine abilities, release date, Path, and Light Cone explained

The gambling Stoneheart is finally on his way.

Aventurine is finally coming to Honkai: Star Rail in update 2.1, and insiders have already spilled the beans on his abilities. The gambler was first hinted at in the release version of the game, and after appearing as a boss fight in version 1.5, he finally has a confirmed release date as a playable character. 

If you’re interested in pulling, here’s everything about Aventurine, from character type to abilities.

5-star Aventurine Light Cone, Path, and abilities explained

Aventurine is a 5-star Imaginary Preservation character, a completely new combination for the game. Imprisonment is a powerful status for both major and minor fights, and Preservation is still the rarest Path.

Aventurine will be the fifth Preservation character in the game compared to nine Destruction and eight Nihility picks.

This combo alone makes him interesting, but his actual kit paints him as a defensive powerhouse. There are Aventurine’s abilities according to leaks from Affinity, a reputed HSR insider.

Basic Attack
His basic attacks will deal Imaginary DMG scaled on his DEF stat.
Provides stackable shields to all allies based on Aventurine's DEF. Draws a random A, B, C, or D card for allies without one. Card effects disappear when the shields expire.
Aventurine gains coins and unleashes Imaginary DMG based on his DEF. Chance to increase CRIT DMG taken by enemies. Damage can be amplified by active card effect.
Gains coins when shielded allies attack or get attacked. Extra coins for allies with A card. After collecting 6 coins, triggers an AoE Imaginary damage skill that lowers enemies' Effect Hit Rate.
Grants varying DEF buffs and teamwide shields depending on roll result. Guaranteed max roll after a number of attempts.
Aventurine was first mentioned in the release version of HSR (Image via Hoyoverse)
Aventurine was first mentioned in the release version of HSR (Image via Hoyoverse)

Aventurine’s biggest draw is his lack of split scaling. Players are free to stack DEF on every single Relic with no real drawback. However, as a gambler, Aventurine’s skill is completely unpredictable.

Each of the four cards grants a different buff that relies on his shields staying up. This means that players won't know exactly what buff they’ll get or how long they’ll keep it. Aventurine pullers will need to think on their feet to make to most of his randomized kit.

Aventurine release date set for Honkai: Star Rail 2.1

The release date for the Aventurine is April 10, during Phase 2 of the Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 update.

The Gilded Imprisonment Warp will feature Aventurine as the featured 5-star along with Lynx, Luka, and Serval as the featured 4-stars. This will be Luka's first feature since October of last year.

Lynx and Serval are more recent, but it's still a good chance to stack up Eidolons if you run them in your teams.

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