With many players retiring from competitive play, Norwis triples down getting #1 Legend on all Hearthstone servers.

Norwis has just made history once again reaching the top of Hearthstone Legend leaderboards at the same time in a competitive season. The Czech player from InsideGamesCZ also holds the record for the history-first #1 Legend triple finish on December 2022.

Let's go over Norwis' Legendary journey, his 71% winrate Boon Priest deck and his thoughts on competitive Hearthstone for 2023.

Triple Hearthstone #1 Legend

Norwis has been tryharding the Hearthstone legend ladder for some time already. After a rough 2022, Norwis was determined to become the best version of himself to compete at the highest level.

With the idea of boosting his MMR towards the 2023 competitive season, Norwis pulled off an impressive triple #1 finish on December 2022. While this happened off the competitive season, it was the first time in Hearthstone's history that someone held the #1 Legend rank in three servers at the same time, according to Norwis.

Despite the Hearthstone Esports announcement, Norwis still wanted to prove himself during the competitive season and finished #1 Legend in the Asia-Pacific server in January. This got him 8 points toward qualifying for Hearthstone's Seasonal and World Championships.

Norwis' 70% WR Boon Priest

Norwis played over 150 games, with a 114W-48L record, in February to achieve this career highlight. This is the Boon Priest deck list he played to #1 Hearthstone Legend:

Triple #1 Legend Boon Priest
Triple #1 Legend Boon Priest

Deck Code: AAECAa0GAomyBNShBQ6Y6wOH9wOtigSEowSJowSKowSitgSktgSntgT10wT02wS43AT28QSkkQUA

The deck shows decent matchups against the most popular classes on ladder, enhanced by Norwis' experience with the deck. Norwis demolished Death Knights, Mages, Druids and Warlocks as if they were playing basic cards. While the deck struggles against Warrior, there aren't many out there.

On top of his #1 Legend climb, Norwis also achieved 12 wins in the Hearthstone Heroic Brawl with this same deck! If you want to get some free advise on how to play the deck, don't miss his streams on Twitch.

Norwis about the Hearthstone Esports announcement

The first-place holder in the Legend Ladder Hearthstone Esports race for 2023 mentioned that the competitive system disappointed him.

"It disappointed me. If we had others ways to qualify, it would be more competitive. Now the best players have already left the game. There are only tryhards that would play anyway, like me, Meati or PocketTrain."

Norwis to Esports.gg

Prior to the announcement, Norwis was already seeing the retirement wave. Days after the 2022 Hearthstone World Championship, he predicted the player's reaction to the upcoming 2023 announcement.

Despite the setback, however, Norwis didn't give up and decided to tryhard the system with the World Championship in mind. Moreover, he even allowed himself to joke about the competitive Hearthstone situation after achieving the #1 Legend finish in January.

Let's hope that the recent Hearthstone Esports changes to prize pool distribution bring a little relief to the much-hurt competitive community.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern.

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