Despite Hearthstone Esports program cuts, some players still give their best, and McBanterFace is one of them reaching double #1 Legend.

With many players retiring from competitive Hearthstone, McBanterFace went full tryhard mode and reached #1 Legend in two servers days before the season ended.

"I've never been double rank #1 'cause I've never been that much of a tryhard. I really am that tryhard right now, you never see it coming."

McBanterFace after reaching double #1 Legend

McBanterFace is part of the new wave of Hearthstone competitors that appeared during the Grand Masters era. He proved himself and played in the 2021 Hearthstone World Championship, and he is eager for more.

McBanterFace double #1 Hearthstone Legend

After finishing the January Hearthstone season in Rank #4 Legend, McBanterFace was determined to grind the ladder to qualify for the Seasonal Championship. This past week, he was top 10 in both Americas and Asia-Pacific servers, until he made the final push.

Last night, on stream, McBanterFace provided high-quality Hearthstone content and gameplay, reaching double #1 Legend with Frost Death Knight. Then, he even took some time to chill with other less competitive decks.

"The only real deck right now if you want to win Hearthstone games is Frost DK. That's where the difficulty lies."

McBanterFace about the state of the meta

Frost Death Knight deck

It's no secret that Frost Death Knight is the best Hearthstone deck, and this doesn't change in high legend. Many players have had success with it and even tweaked it a bit.

Double Hearthstone #1 Legend Frost DK Deck
Double Hearthstone #1 Legend Frost DK Deck

This is the list that McBanterFace piloted to double rank #1 Hearthstone Legend.

The new location Death Knight got in the Return to Naxxramas Miniset made its Frost version much more powerful. With a more board-centric approach, the deck obliterates most of its rivals in terms of tempo. What Rogue did with Wildpaw Gnolls before it nerfs, the DK makes it with its location.

That is why McBanterFace stresses the importance of Egg and the Location as a winning combo for the mulligan. If you want to see some high-legend Hearthstone gameplay, I'd recommend you check his Twitch channel for the VoDs.

Frost Death Knight deck code:

Don't sleep on this deck, Hearthstone will probably nerf it in the next few weeks given its popularity and power level across all ranks, not only in legend.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to see how the season ends and for more Hearthstone news and updates. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern.

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