Before you embark on your Voyage to the Sunken City, make sure to learn all about Hearthstone’s new Keyword: Dredge

Voyage to the Sunken City brings many exciting new things to Hearthstone, one of them, is the new Dredge Keyword. The city of Zin-Azshari is full of relics and treasures, and the Dredge mechanic will be the way Hearthstone players can get to them. How does this new Keyword work, and which are the synergies that go alongside it?

Hearthstone’s new Keyword: Dredge

In our Voyage to the Sunken City, our deck can be seen as the ocean. The top cards resemble the surface level, while the bottom works like the seafloor. So, what happens when you Dredge your Hearthstone Deck? When you play a card with this new Keyword, you will be able to look at the bottom 3 cards of your deck and choose one to put on top of your deck.

Hearthstone's new Dredge Mechanic
Hearthstone’s new Dredge Mechanic
Hearthstone Dredge Mech mage
Dredge a Mech and get it right away!

While we have seen other cards that affected the order of your deck like Polkelt. This is the first time that players get to choose. But why is it relevant that you choose from cards from the bottom of your deck? Well, besides the flavor related to the new Hearthstone Expansion, the Dredge mechanic is highly synergistic with other expansion cards.

Dredge Synergies

There are many cards that make Dredge a relevant Hearthstone Keyword. Ambassador Faelin, for example, puts three Colossal minions on the bottom of your deck. Without the Dredge mechanic, players would rarely see the payoff. If we keep looking for Hearthstone treasures, we will also find that Azsharan cards work hand-in-hand with the Dredge Keyword.

Azsharan cards
Azsharan cards and their Dredge Synergies
Dredge Sunken Treasures
Dredge Sunken Treasures

Every class has at least one Azsharan card that puts a “Sunken” version of them at the bottom of the deck. Dredge gives Hearthstone players the possibility of pulling up that treasure from the bottom of their deck right away. 

Some cards like The Leviathan are a sweet 2-for-1 deal. With the chance of first doing the Dredge and then proceeding to draw. If you want to explore the treasures that Sunken City has, that is the way to go!

Hearthstone Dredge The Leviathan Colossal Minion
The Leviathan Colossal Minion
Draw your dredged loot!

Furthermore, if you don’t want to wait to check some cool Voyage to the Sunken City gameplay, check our coverage of the Theorycrafting event. I’m sure you will be able to Dredge some cool Hearthstone decks from there!

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in Sunken City.


Manuel "Rane" Delgado

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