Are you ready to hear what Hearthstone has prepared for the next expansion? For those about to rock, we salute you.

Once again, Hearthstone is building up the hype with an expansion teaser on social media. What's behind the door? It seems that Hearthstone's next expansion will totally rock many socks off.

A Tauren Hearthstone Expansion?

The Hearthstone expansion teaser left the crowd cheering for one more. With a metallic guitar sound and a wave of applause filling the void of a dark tavern, it wouldn't be crazy to see the return of Elite Tauren Chieftain to Hearthstone.

The Legendary card part of the Legacy set is only one of many references to the ETC band in Blizzard's IPs. While this gives us very little of what the next Hearthstone expansion could bring regarding content or story, there is always room for speculation.

A new Tauren expansion might be upon us, but unlike Forged in the Barrens, this time, it seems that it will be a musical. Now that we mention Taurens. As if it were a tune in the back of my head, I can still hear conspiracy theories about Death Beattle and its Manathirst (11) requirement. Could it be possible that Guff isn't actually leaving after all?

"<em>Well that'll be useless next expansion. WINK WINK.</em>"
"Well that'll be useless next expansion. WINK WINK."

Expansion announcement and free Legendary

Everything points out that tomorrow, Tuesday 13, will be the announcement day, and as it has happened with the previous sets, Hearthstone will celebrate the expansion by giving out a free Legendary.

We are yet to discover the new mechanics that will shape the game in the upcoming months. But one thing is guaranteed, the crowd is already getting crazy with music puns.

Expansion story-line

During 2023 we could expect a year-long story that unites the three Hearthstone expansions in a common thread. This is not a straight-up fact but a tendency the game developed over the years. For example, in 2022, we had three separate storylines, but the year before that, we had the Mercenaries being the center in each of the three expansions.

Moreover, if we go back to 2019, once again, we see the League of Explorers and League of EVIL fight developing throughout the three sets. While things might change if the trend continues, this tune could be just the beginning of a full album, not just a single.

While not connected, this brings back memories of One Night in Karazhan. Perhaps this time the theme will revolve around a music festival.

Stay tuned to find out what the next expansion will be about, and feel free to check out more of our Hearthstone content in the meantime. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news.