Hearthstone announced today that Buddies would return to Battlegrounds with the 25.6 patch. Learn everything about it.

Battlegrounds players will enjoy -or suffer- Buddies once again Hearthstone. Blizzard introduced Buddies on January 2022, and it completely changed the game. When the secret Partner in Crime Quest was discovered, players went crazy for the chance of Buddies returning. Now, the wish has come true.

If you already have an opinion about them, hold your horses. The dev team has made an interesting rework to how they operate. Let's go over all the details we know so far.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Buddies Explained

Ever since Quests left Battlegrounds, players felt the game was missing something. That it was too "vanilla". Fortunately, Hearthstone Battlegrounds Buddies will now put an end to it. If you weren't around when the mechanic launched last year, here is a quick explanation.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Buddies are unique minions with powerful effects that aren't available in the tavern, and that will define the way you play the game from now on. Each Hero has a unique Buddy with special effects tied to their identity.

Buddies can be obtained in two phases. In the first instance, you will get one Buddy, and in the second instance, you will get two more Buddies. Yes, this means that, if you hold the first one, you can triple them and get incredible value.

Say goodbye to the Buddymeter

As part of the rework, Battlegrounds players will find a different way to get their Buddies. The original Buddymeter is gone and will be replaced by a button to buy your faithful companion.

Battlegrounds Buddies will be grouped into 6 different tiers. These tiers will translate into a different gold cost to buy them. While it might be a bit confusing, the price is what you pay to press the button, not what each individual Buddy costs, since the second time you press it, you will get 2 copies.

How the new Buddy button works
How the new Buddy button works

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Buddies cost per Tier

The starting cost for Tier 6 Buddies will be 21 Gold, while pressing the Tier 1 Buddy button will start at 11. Do not panic. You don't need to ask Bob for a loan.

These are just starting costs. They will go down after each fight, dropping 3 Gold after a win and 2 Gold for a loss. Tempo meta is back, baby! One thing to take into consideration is that the cost to press the Button resets and is slightly increased after you press it the first time

New Buddies for new Heroes

Battlegrounds saw the arrival of several new characters since the introduction of Buddies. Hearthstone will introduce this new content on its social channels, so activate notifications right now!

Watfin<br>Murloc Holmes faithful companion
Murloc Holmes faithful companion
Golden Watfin<br>Murloc Holmes faithful companion
Golden Watfin
Murloc Holmes faithful companion

These are some of the new Buddies coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds reveled today:

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

We still have many things to discover, so stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and updates. Be sure to visit Esports.gg for all the latest esports news. See you next time in Bob's Tavern.

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