Hearthstone is introducing Battlegrounds Buddies, a brand new mechanic that will change the way you play every Hero in the game.

Hearthstone presents Battlegrounds Buddies, the new mechanic for the next mayor autobattler’s expansion. These special support units are unique to each Battlegrounds hero and are awarded after completing tasks. Battlegrounds Buddies brings ultimate abilities for each character that promises to revolutionize the game. Furthermore, Blizzard is introducing new sick Heroes. 

Battlegrounds Buddies Explained

Battlegrounds Buddies will be unique minions with powerful effects that won’t be available in the tavern, and that will define the way you play the game from now on. To get them, you will need to complete specific tasks; entering battles. dealing damage to enemy minions, popping Divine Shields, and winning/tidying fights. When the “ultimate bar” reaches halfway, expected around turn 5, you will get a copy of your heroe’s Buddy. Once you complete the taskbar in full, you will get two extra copies, with the possibility of tripling them!

RDU made the exclusive reveal for Battlegrounds Buddies in a YouTube video that showcases some gameplay.

We will get to Bru’Kan in a sec, but first, let’s go over the key aspects of this new mechanic. These minions are unique to each hero, and their effects on what we see are related to the character’s Hero Power. Battlegrounds Buddies, like every other minion, can form triples that grant discoveries and an even more powerful effect. From what we learned in the RDU’s video, if you complete your buddy-quest bar, you get two extra buddies. So, if you haven’t sold the first one, you have a guaranteed golden Buddy.

Buddymeeter and Buddy Tiers

From what we learned in the RDU’s video, if you complete your buddy-quest bar, you get two extra buddies. So, if you haven’t sold the first one, you have a guaranteed golden Buddy. There are four ways of completing your Buddymeter:

  • Entering battles
  • Dealing damage to enemies
  • Popping Divine Shields
  • Winning/tieing fights
Tyler explains Battlegrounds Buddymeter
Tyler explains Battlegrounds Buddymeter

In addition to the Buddymeter explanation, an important concept to cover is that Battlegrounds Buddies are divided into different Tiers. Following regular minions’ basics, every Buddy has stars indicating which tier they are.

According to what Zorgo mentioned in his reveal video, players should expect to get the first part of the Buddymeter complete with the following scale:

  • Tier 2 Buddies: First copy around 7 Gold
  • Level 3 Buddies: First copy around 8 Gold
  • Tier 4 Buddies: First copy around 9 Gold

This is dependent on your performance, of course. However, it is paramount to highlight that not every hero will complete its Buddymeter at the same time. Finally, I wanted to add to the topic that the Battlegrounds Buddy mechanic seems to give the Devs a ton of balancing tools. Until now, they only had Hero Powers and Armor, and with this new change, we might see an incredible amount of playable Heroes.

New Battleground Heores and their Buddies


On top of revealing the new mechanic, RDU also showcased to us the new Bru’Kan Hero and its Buddy. Bru’Kan comes to Battlegrounds with all the elements in his Hero Power. Embrace the Elements is a free Hero Power that has flexible Start of Combat. You will be able to choose for free any of the following four.

New Battlegrounds Hero: Bru'Kan
New Battlegrounds Hero: Bru’Kan – Image by Hearthstonetopdecks

Moreover, Bru’Kan buddy synergizes with the elements. Spirit Raptor will remember the Elements you choose with your Hero Power and trigger them as an explosive Deathrattle.

 Spirit Raptor, Bru'Kan Battlegrounds Buddy
Bru’Kan Battlegrounds Buddy: Spirit Raptor
 Spirit Raptor, Bru'Kan Battlegrounds Buddy (Golden)
Spirit Raptor, Bru’Kan Battlegrounds Buddy (Golden)

Vanndar Stormpike

Following the Mercenaries storyline, the next character in line to enter Battlegrounds is Vanndar Stormpike and its Buddy Stormpike Lieutenant. The Alliance leader didn’t have enough after winning Alterac Valley’s Battle, now he is entering the Hearthstone auto battler. You can check Tesdey’s reveal video (Portuguese) at this link.

Vanndar Stormpike new Battlegrounds Hero
Vanndar Stormpike new Battlegrounds Hero

Vanndar Hero Power is free and lets you choose a friendly minion that will copy the Health of your highest Health minion, but for the next combat only. This strategy allows you to protect important minions on the battlefield, for example, to trigger the Avenge mechanic more times. As we have already mentioned, every Battlegrounds Buddy follows the character Hero Power. Stormpike Lieutenant is no exception, and again will help you scale the Health of your minions.

Stormpike Lieutenant, Vanndar's Buddy
New Vanndar’s Buddy; Stormpike Lieutenant
 Stormpike Lieutenant, Vanndar's Buddy (Golden)
Stormpike Lieutenant, Vanndar’s Buddy (Golden)


If we mention the Alliance Hero, it’s only fair to follow with the Horde new Battlegrounds Hero and its respective Buddy. Drek’thar will Lead the Frostwolves and try to decimate every enemy that dares to face the Horde’s Faction Leader. The zero gold Hero Power mirrors Vanndar’s but with attack values. Drek’thar allows you to choose a friendly minion for it to copy the Attack of the highest Attack minion, for the next combat.

Drek'thar new Battlegrounds Hero
Drek’thar new Battlegrounds Hero

Generals are usually followed by loyal Lieutenants, Drek’thar has Frostwolf Lieutenant. This Hearthstone Buddy also has the Avenge (2) mechanic, giving your minions permanent attack buffs each time it triggers. Another Horde vs Alliance battle, now with a Battlegrounds chapter. Check ZoomHSreveal video (Spanish) for possible synergies.

 Froswolf Lieutenant, Drek'thar Battlegrounds Buddy
Froswolf Lieutenant, Drek’thar Battlegrounds Buddy
 Froswolf Lieutenant, Drek'thar Battlegrounds Buddy (Golden)
Froswolf Lieutenant, Drek’thar Battlegrounds Buddy (Golden)

All Battlegrounds Buddies ranked by Tier

In this article, we will only be showcasing New Heroes and their Battlegrounds Buddies. However, if you want to check the full list, you can browse the detailed list with every Buddy by Tier in this link. Moreover, we will also include their golden versions and links to the reveal videos so you can get some expert analysis on the matter.

Furthermore, remember that Battleground’s action doesn’t finish with reveals. On January 20, everyone will be able to enjoy a live event with an Avant-premier of the Battleground’s patch. Starting at 10:00 am PT, 8 top Battlegrounds players, each with a buddy to co-pilot, go head-to-head in a special for-fun preview of all the new content.

As always, make sure you stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Battlegrounds updates. See you next time in Bob’s tavern, buddy.


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