Hearthstone United in Stormwind: More Nerfs to Warlock in Patch 21.2 cover image

Hearthstone United in Stormwind: More Nerfs to Warlock in Patch 21.2

Hearthstone United in Stormwind patch 21.2 is here with further nerfs to Warlock.

Two weeks after Patch 21.0.3 nerfed no less than 8 different cards, United in Stormwind’s Patch 21.2 further cracks down on quest warlock’s power level with 2 balance changes to Flesh Giant & Stealer of Souls.

Flesh Giant is now a 10 mana 8/8 (up from 9 mana 8/8)

Slightly slows Handlock, but not gutting it - a minor inconvenience.

Stealer of Souls is now a 6 mana 4/6 (up from 4 mana 2/6)

D6 warlock suffers a severe blow with this one, slowing it down significantly.

Still in its 1st month, this is the 2nd time the United in Stormwind meta has been altered – is it all still wide open? Well, yes. Kind of…

With 2 powerful & equally valid builds, quest warlock is certainly the most dominant force to come out of United in Stormwind this far, thus, nerfing it will always hit the meta hard: With a decrease in the number of warlocks the power balance between the different archetypes is shattered – decks will shift around for a while until they settle in new tiers based on whatever power-balance results between them. This is a great opportunity for decks that were bullied by Warlock to step up the ranks & become more popular.

However, the pace of the meta is still relatively unchanged: Demon hunters, mages & shamans are all still incredibly efficient at finishing their questlines & will continue to dictate what archetypes get to sit at the grown-up table of tier 1. To summarize, same decks – new hierarchy.

But wait! There's more!

With a MASSIVE Battlegrounds revamp, pre-purchase bundles for Mercenaries, an update to Duels, Book of Mercenaries: Tamsin (coming September 7) & plenty of UI updates/bug fixes, Patch 21.2 is far more than a set of balance changes to United in Stormwind!