Hearthstone Solary Party: streams, players and decks cover image

Hearthstone Solary Party: streams, players and decks

Hearthstone is gathering once again in France for a new Solary Party. Check out who is participating and where to watch!

This weekend Solary will throw a Hearthstone party to celebrate the arrival of the Titans expansion. Some of the most prominent streamers will be joining the event which will feature a Tournament and several mini-games.

Check out where to watch and who is participating in this Hearthstone Solary Party Titans edition below.

Hearthstone Solary Party

Solary is making everything within its reach so we do not miss the OG Hearthstone Seatstory Cup events throwing a new party once again. This weekend we will get to see 16 players compete for €5,000 in prizes.

On top of the Hearthstone tournament, viewers will also enjoy the usual Solary Party stream mini-games. Get ready for some fun if the rain allows it!

The Tournament: groups, players and decks

Starting on August 12, some of the finest European players will clash for €5,000 in prizes in the Solary Hearthstone Party Tournament. The event will divide players into 4 Dual Elimination groups, with a final Top 8 single elimination bracket.

A: ForDaKing, Vinz, PocketTrain and Jambre
B: Tars, Dizdemon, Sialed and Effymia
C: Odemian, Otsuna, Fenomeno and Superman
D: Valou, Gaboumme, Roulian and BabyBear

Odemian is defending the crown in the party since was the last Solary LAN Hearthstone champion. With an amazing expansion released just days ago, everything is set for success.

You can check the bracket and results for the tournament in this Battlefy link. If you want to browse what these players brought to the Solary Party Hearthstone Tournament, you can check out their lineups in the following D0nkey link.

Image via D0nkey
Image via D0nkey

The event will have stream in French and English as well. Make sure you tune in to either of them not to miss the action.

Who are you rooting for? Stay tuned to esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, at the Solary party!