5 Hearthstone Podcasts you want to listen to! cover image

5 Hearthstone Podcasts you want to listen to!

Everyone, get in here. Today we will be talking about Hearthstone podcasts you should consider listening to. Which one is your favorite?

Hearthstone is a game that has content in every possible form, and today we will be going over podcats. Sometimes at work, when commuting, working out or just relaxing, our ears are free, and having something to listen to and enrich ourselves becomes a win-win. Whether you are a podcast enjoyer or just a Hearthstone fan, this article is for you.

Highlighted Hearthstone podcats

I'd like to begin by saying that this list by no means is a ranking. Like in every list, some will be left out. That is why you also can contribute to this article by sharing it and commenting with your own suggestions!

Now, with no further ado, let's go over some must-listen Hearthstone podcasts. And yes, if you already follow RidiculousHat, you probably have started on the right foot!

The Angry Chicken: A Hearthstone & Battlegrounds Podcast

Are you even a Hearthstone player if you don't listen to The Angry Chicken podcast? This podcast is probably part of the foundations of all other Hearthstone podcasts.

Image via TAC
Image via TAC

Hosted by Jocelyn Kearney and RidiculousHat, this weekly program covers everything Hearthstone-related, including Solo Adventures. They are only a few programs away from reaching the 500 episodes milestone. Make sure you give them a follow and add them to your podcast app.

Coin Concede

Following in the Hat-train, let me introduce you to Coin Concede. This podcast run by RidiculousHat, Botticus, Edelweiss, and WickedGood, is another beacon for the Hearthstone community.

Image via CoinConcede
Image via CoinConcede

This program is so embedded in the game, that it was the place where Ben Lee, former Hearthstone Game Director, announced he was stepping down.

Furthermore, each person in the podcast adds value differently. Personally, I want to highlight Edelweiss. She is amazing at explaining thoroughly how to get better at the game with a plethora of different simple tips. Make sure you check out the Decksplanations section!

HSBG Podcast

Battlegrounds is a huge part of Hearthstone. Some argue that it has become its main game already. That is why I couldn't leave HSBG podcast off the list.

Image via HSBG Podcast
Image via HSBG Podcast

EducatedCollins and Shadybunny is the perfect duo if you are into Battlegrounds content. Not only they are pro players and know everything about the game, but they know how to deliver the content in the funniest way possible.

The Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper Podcast

We are getting hardcore now. For all of those who want to climb up the Hearthstone ladder, this podcast is for you! Vicious Syndicate is one of the best sources of Hearthstone data and information and here you will find extra insights by ZachODR and, once again, RidiculousHat.

Image via Vicious Syndicate
Image via Vicious Syndicate

Whether you are a tryhard that wants to get every edge and nourish yourself from every opinion out there or if you are too lazy to read VS's Meta Reports, this podcast will be perfect for you. If you use any Hearthstone tracking tool, make sure to contribute your data to the site.

Walk to Work - A Mobile Hearthstone Podcast

Going to the other extreme, Walk to Work by blisterguy is an easy-going, short and casual podcast. In an incredibly relatable way, blisterguy shares his thoughts about Hearthstone and his playing experience.

The radio-Hearthstone experience the podcast provides is unique. I must say that is a great resource for casters to learn new ways of describing the game. If you like this podcast, make sure to check out blisterguy's video content, where, most of the time, he includes footage of his gaming experience.

Bonus Tracks

This wouldn't be a list without some bonus tracks. I couldn't leave Wild and Mercenaries players unattended. That is why I wanted to also feature the following podcasts.

Wild podcasts:

Casual or Hearthstone-adjacent podcasts:

  • Squelch - by Dan0, Mattatarms, and Stormraige
  • Blizzlet - by Daniel "Stormraige" Shelden, Ted, and Loremaster Eve
  • Hearthcasual - by Brian “Rho” Black, Monica “Wickedkitten” Stone and Kevin “Multizord” Ellis


Once again, there are plenty more Hearthstone podcasts out there, these are just some of them. I'd recommend you explore to find your best fit. If you already have your favorites, make sure you give them some love since they are a great part of our community.

Thanks to RidiculousHat and Ben Hearthstone for their contributions. If you want more podcast suggestions you can check out Ben's Twitter posts below.

Hope you have enjoyed this article, stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.