The expected 27.2 Hearthstone patch notes are out bringing 4 nerfs and 11 buffs! Check out what’s new!

Hearthstone has released the 27.2 patch notes with the usual post-expansion balance changes. After introducing two emergency nerfs past week, now they are launching a more data-oriented patch with a larger reach.

The balance changes included in the 27.2 Hearthstone patch notes aim to nerf Hound Hunter and Nature Shaman mainly, while at the same time encouraging some new Titans archetypes. Let's go over the details.

Hearthstone 27.2 patch notes

Given the massive 27.2 patch notes, this time we didn't get many comments from Hearthstone devs. Despite this we can talk about a data-driven patch this time, like Aleco, Hearthstone's final design lead, mentioned some days ago.

Hearthstone Nerfs

The following four cards will see nerfs when the 27.2 Hearthstone patch goes live next Tuesday 22. The idea is to tone down some of the most powerful archetypes to slow the metagame enough to give other strategies room to grow.

Hollow Hound<br>Old: 3 Attack, 6 Health<br><strong>New: 3 Attack, 4 Health</strong>
Hollow Hound
Old: 3 Attack, 6 Health
New: 3 Attack, 4 Health
Costumed Singer<br>Old: 2 Attack, 1 Health<br><strong>New: 1 Attack, 1 Health</strong>
Costumed Singer
Old: 2 Attack, 1 Health
New: 1 Attack, 1 Health

"Generally, the meta is in a pretty good space with just a couple power and play experience outliers. Hunter has two really powerful decks that we wanted to shave down a little. Thaddius is more a play experience adjustment. Bio is a bit of both."

Aleco about Balance Changes
Bioluminescence<br>Old: 3 Mana<br><strong>New: 4 Mana</strong>
Old: 3 Mana
New: 4 Mana
Thaddius, Monstrosity<br>Old: Taunt. Your odd-Cost cards cost (1). (Swaps polarity each turn!)<br><strong>New: Taunt. Your odd-Cost cards cost (4) less. (Swaps polarity each turn!)</strong>
Thaddius, Monstrosity
Old: Taunt. Your odd-Cost cards cost (1). (Swaps polarity each turn!)
New: Taunt. Your odd-Cost cards cost (4) less. (Swaps polarity each turn!)

If you followed our Hearthstone collection management advice, you might be able to get some extra Arcane Dust, since these cards will be for full dust refunds for two weeks following Patch 27.2.


Hearthstone players usually claim for buffs, but it's a dangerous path since it's easy to break things with just a small change. However, to spice things up this 27.2 Hearthstone patch notes include buffs for 11 cards.

You can check the new version of the cards in the gallery below and the changes in the explanatory table.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8
image 9
image 10
image 11

"We’re also making some buffs! Warrior didn’t land where we were hoping, so we’re giving it a bit more power so that there’s room to explore what it has to offer. We’re also adjusting a few other cards that we think had some room to be a bit stronger."

Aleco, Hearthstone Final Design Lead about the upcoming buffs
Card Name
Old Version
New Version
Down with the ShipDeal 3 damage to a minion. If it dies, shuffle two random Plagues into your opponent’s deckDeal 3 damage. Shuffle two random Plagues into your opponent’s deck.
Mythical Terror3 Attack, 10 Health4 Attack, 10 Health
Frost Lotus SeedlingDraw 1 card. Gain 4 Armor. (Blossoms in 3 turns.Draw 1 card. Gain 5 Armor. (Blossoms in 3 turns.)
Frost Lotus BlossomDraw 2 cards. Gain 8 ArmorDraw 2 cards. Gain 10 Armor.
Disciple of Amitus[6 Mana] 4 Attack, 6 Health[5 Mana] 4 Attack, 5 Health
Tyr7 Mana6 Mana
Astral Automaton1 Attack, 1 Health1 Attack, 2 Health
Bladestorm3 Mana2 Mana
Stoneskin Armorer[3 Mana] 3 Attack, 4 Health[2 Mana] 2 Attack, 2 Health
Craftsman’s HammerAfter your hero attacks and kills a minion, gain 4 ArmorWhenever your hero attacks, gain 4 Armor
Trial by Fire7 Mana6 Mana
Hearthstone Patch changes

Do you think these changes from the 27.2 patch notes will allow for more variety in Hearthstone's meta? Stay tuned to learn about the effects of this patch next week. Check out our Hearthstone section for more news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern!