Coming up in Hearthstone Mercenaries: more free packs, a new Training Hall building, and responses to community feedback.

Hearthstone Mercenaries has been out for three weeks already and the dev team posted their thoughts, with a special “thank you” gift of 5 free packs. On top of sharing some game metrics, the team also gave some hints of upcoming plans, including a Mercenaries Training Hall. Join me in this journey into Hearthstone Mercenaries village there are some free packs along the way.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Launch Celebration: Packs for everyone

Since its launch, millions of Hearthstone players have tried Mercenaries. Game time has already gone over one billion minutes of combat and over 100 million combined Bounties (and that number’s excluding Heroic Air Elemental, press F for respect). As a token of gratitude, everyone who played Hearthstone Mercenaries before November 2nd will receive 5 free packs. 

These free Hearthstone Mercenaries packs will appear in your village on November 9th. For those who haven’t tried Hearthstone Mercenaries yet, don’t panic, there are also some free packs for you as well. Upon completing the Mercenaries Tutorial and first tasks, new players will receive 8 free packs to gather your first party.

The Village: New Mercenaries Training Hall & Task Board

Everyone knows that every Mercenary journey starts in the Village, and the dev team wants to keep building the fantasy and excitement with new or improved features. In a future patch, players will be able to build a Mercenaries Training Hall. In this new facility, your Mercs will passively gain experience throughout the day.

This Mercenaries Training Hall building was first discovered by the Out of Cards data mining article, and it resembles Pokemon Daycare. Although there is no official confirmation, the information mined reveals that upgrading to its full capacity will cost 600 gold. At that building level, players will be able to train up to two Mercenaries at the same time.

Mercenaries Training Hall - Image by Out of Cards
Mercenaries Training Hall - Image by Out of Cards

Moreover, the Hearthstone Mercenaries team communicated that players will not only get the mentioned free packs but also a more efficient Task Board. The Task Boar daily refresh will increase to refill all open daily slots instead of only two. Furthermore, they have intentions to make Toki’s task more interesting. What is even better is that the team is also exploring more ways to give players Tasks to lessen the grind.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Collection & Packs

There has been some controversy on how well the community received the Hearthstone Mercenaries pack system. To begin with, the system seems incredibly complex and there is not many official data about it. That being said, the dev team seems to be aware of this issue and has a desire to improve the collection experience.

The most common complaint the community had when opening Packs was that the Duplicate Mercenaries didn’t seem to work as they would have expected. Although there has been no official confirmation, the team is listening to the feedback and is exploring new options for changing the system.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Packs - Image by Blizzard
Hearthstone Mercenaries Packs - Image by Blizzard

Continuing with the topic, the Hearthstone Mercenaries dev team said that even though the philosophy behind the packs is to grant both mercenaries and their cosmetics.

However, they are open to change. Some players only care about collecting Mercenaries and care less about cosmetics. Others, love that portraits are included in packs.

If I had to guess, I think that change is coming. On one hand, I expect Hearthstone Mercenaries packs to be more character-oriented, either with Mercs or coins.

On the other hand, I assume that players will have more direct ways to acquire Portraits. Right now, the only way of obtaining those cosmetics is by packs. However, I wouldn’t discard that they could soon be available for purchase either with Hearthstone gold or Mercenaries coins.

This wraps up the most important points about what’s coming next to Hearthstone Mercenaries. If you want to read the full article, feel free to check the official post. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. If you need me, I’ll be in the Village.

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