The Hearthstone Global Innvitational, an Olympic-style tournament, will feature world-class players like Thijs, Dog, Hunterace, among others. Players will compete in Constructed, Battlegrounds, and Mercenaires. Format, roosters, decklists, broadcast, and more, below

Hearthstone Global Innvitational is an Olympic-style tournament with 36 players competing in Constructed, Battlegrounds, and Mercenaries for over $200.000 in prizes. In this event, each of the four regions will be represented by 9 players, forming teams for each game mode.

The Hearthstone Global Inn-vitational starts tonight and will go on until Sunday. As usual, everything you need to know is below. But first, pets opening packs. Yes, the promotion campaign featured players’ pets. Unfortunately, the video wasn’t presented by Shiro.

Hearthstone Global Innvitational pet’s show

Hearthstone Global Innvitational players

As we mentioned before, in the Hearthstone Global Innvitational, each region will be represented by 9 players and what players. Three players will compete in constructed, four players will team up to compete in Battlegrounds, and two players will clash in Hearthstone’s latest game mode, Mercenaries.


Europe is coming hard to the HGI with Grandmasters, former World Champions, and prominent competitors. These are the players that will compete for the region in each format.

European Team for the Hearthstone Global Innvitational
European Team for the Hearthstone Global Innvitational


The nine players representing the Americas carry an incredible amount of competitive experience on their backs. Certainly, you know most of them by their streams or their presence on Hearthstone esports competitions.

Nalguidan knows this will be a tough battle


The Asia-Pacific players that will compete in the Hearthstone Global Innvitational, as well as Europe, also include Grandmasters and a World Champion. On top of that, with a GM Caster in the ranks, they will probably be the broadcast favorites.

Asia-Pacific roster for HGI
Asia-Pacific roster for HGI


Probably the team we know least about in the western world. However, China has been Hearthstone’s powerhouse for almost a year now, so we better get to know them well.

  • Mercenaries: Valeera and Windfish
  • Battlegrounds: Islandcat, Xichen, Lalala, and Taotao
  • Constructed: Caimiao, Lionking, and Murphy

You can learn more of them in the following thread:

Hearthstone Global Innvitational Format

In this Olympic-style competition, each region will get points from the different game modes to advance. Even though players compete in teams, there is a trick, matches will be played individually, and even in Battlegrounds, they won’t know if they are facing an opponent or a teammate.

During the first stage, the four regions will clash in a round-robin. The best team will advance to the finals, while the last region will be eliminated. The second and third spots after the round-robin will face each other in an elimination match to advance to the finals. Each game mode will have a different format.

In Constructed, the format will be best-of-five Last Hero Standing. Each team will bring 10 decks and ban four of their opponents’ line-up. After the ban phase, each team will have six decks available. In short, the first team to win three times will get earn a point for their region.

In Battlegrounds, teams competing in the Hearthstone Global Innvitational will be playing 3 lobbies per match. The lobbies will consist of 4 players of each team that will play “blind” and with no communication with their teammates. As a result of this, players will fight their own battles, and the team that gets the most points after the three lobbies will earn 2 points for their region.

Finally, in Mercenaries, each team submits four compositions and will be playing Conquest Best of 5 with one ban. The winner of each match will earn 1 point for their region. But wait, there is more. The following restrictions apply for Mercenaries compositions:

Where to Watch the Heathstone Global Innvitational

UPDATED 11/11: If you are a night-owl, or you just run with a gamer’s sleep schedule, this broadcast is for you. The competition starts this same Thursday 10 at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST / 2:30 am CET and will continue for four days. You can watch the first day of the broadcast on Twitch or Youtube. Moreover, if you want more details, check Slysssa’s thread with the whole tournament schedule below (Hearthstone Esports announced that Broadcasts will be starting 90 minutes earlier than originally scheduled!):

Finally, if you can’t wait, below you can find the Constructed and Mercenaries decklists submitted by the four teams (thanks to ZelKnow):

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. That is all for now, see you next time in the tavern -Bob, can I get an extra-large coffee, please? It’s gonna be a long night.


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