Here’s everything to know about Hearthstone’s Festival of Legends expansion plus a list of specific guides.

Are you ready to rock? Hearthstone's Festival of Legends expansion is now live! Read on for the overview of what to expect, a list of useful guides, deck codes, and more.

Festival of Legends expansion now live

The new Hearthstone expansion ushers in Year of the Wolf with 145 new cards, Soloist minions, Harmonic spells, keywords, and even Core Set updates. Here's a quick summary of what each of these terms mean and our in-depth guides for them. We also sat down with the Hearthstone team for an interview about Festival of Legends!

  • Soloist Minions: These minions have special Battlecry effects if a player controls no other minions on their side of the board.
  • Harmonic Spells: These spells switch between Harmonic and Dissonant modes each turn in a player's hand.
  • Finale Keyword: Cards with this keyword grant a special bonus if one uses up all of their remaining mana.
  • Overheal Keyword: Minions with this keyword from the Priest class get a special effect if they're healed beyond their maximum health.
  • Core Set Updates: The Year of the Wolf Core Set features keywords Tradeable and Magnetic alongside a bunch of minion updates.
  • Festival of Legends Interview: Festival of Legends insights with game designer Aleco Pors plus game designer and Hearthstone expansion lead Leo Robles Gonzalez.
Hearthstone Festival of Legends artwork (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Hearthstone Festival of Legends artwork (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Festival of Legends deck guides

Don't forget about the new decks that are being played in the new expansion. Prior to the Festival of Legends launch, a theorycrafting event took place. This featured a bunch of content creators duking it out with each other on Twitch. In addition to a guide on 11 decks to test out on the first week of the expansion, we've also created specific guides for certain Legendary cards!

That's all for now. Stay tuned on for more Hearthstone news and updates!

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