The upcoming Hearthstone expansion brings a bonus track for Priest fans, the brand new Overheal keyword. Check out how it works.

Priest will get the new Overheal Keyword with the upcoming Festival of Legends Hearthstone expansion. This class-exclusive mechanic looks to reinforce Priest's identity and fine-tune the class. Let's go over the details of how the new Hearthstone Overheal Keyword works.

Priest's new Hearthstone Keyword: Overheal

Festival of Legends will give Priest devouts a new instrument to play with. The new Overheal Keyword will be exclusive to the Priest class and will be evergreen. This means that Hearthstone will keep printing cards with Overheal beyond the Festival of Legends expansion.

Hearthstone Minions with the Overheal Keyword will have special effects that activate when they are healed above their max health. So far, Blizzard has only revealed one Overheal card, but expect to see a bunch of them in the Festival of Legends expansion and in the Core Set as well.

New Festival of Legends Priest Legendary<br>Featuring the new Overheal Keyword<br>Image via Blizzard
New Festival of Legends Priest Legendary
Featuring the new Overheal Keyword
Image via Blizzard

"When a minion with overheal is restored past full heath you trigger their overheal bonus."

Leo Robles, Set Lead for Festival of Legends expansion

It is worth mentioning that regardless of how weird it may sound, Hearthstone devs confirmed that the Overheal Keyword effect triggers even if the minion is already at full health. While it doesn't count as healing, since the character is not damaged, it counts as Overhealing.

Other Class-exclusive Keywords

While Overheal is a new mechanic, class-exclusive Keywords have been present in Hearthstone since its beginning. Ever since launch, Shaman and Rogue had unique keywords that were not available to any other classes.

With the arrival of the Demon Hunter and Death Knight classes, two new exclusive mechanics were added to the game. These are the existing ones:

In an interview with, Aleco Pors, Hearthstone's Final Design Lead, hinted that players could expect more class-specific Keywords like Overheal in the future.

"I would say you can definitely look forward to more of these over the coming years."

Aleco to

Another thing that players can expect to see more in the upcoming expansions is Locations. The new card type introduced in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion had great success, and we have seen a new arrival in the Festival of Legends lineup already.

Check out upcoming Hearthstone card reveals to find out other possible synergies with the new Overheal Keyword.

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