Wordle, the game that took Twitter by storm now has a Hearthstone version: Cardle! cover image

Wordle, the game that took Twitter by storm now has a Hearthstone version: Cardle!

Wordle, the game that went viral and took Twitter by storm now has a Hearthstone version! How to play it and tips to crush your friends!

Wordle, the simple and addictive guess the word game (similar to Lingo), now has a Hearthstone version. The Hearthstone adaptation Cardle follows the same principles as the original Wordle. If you haven’t heard of it, join us while we explain how to play it!


Even if you haven’t played Wordle, you probably saw on your Twitter feed some cryptic color squares. They are part of an online game, similar to Lingo, in which you have to guess a five-letter word in six tries. Wordle’s popularity inspired Boom, a Hearthstone enthusiastic coder, to write his own mode called Cardle.

If you haven’t tried Wordle yet, here you have the Today’s Show explanation. Yep, this simple game made it to TV shows, and even Jimmy Fallon attempted to play it on The Tonight Show. Wordle’s basics are simple. Once you throw your first blind guess, you will get some hints. If you get Green letters, it means that they are in the right place. If you get Yellow letters, the letters are correct but not in the right place.

Cardle: Hearthstone’s Wordle

The game went so viral that many opportunistic people tried to take advantage of this unmonetized gift Josh Wordle gave us. This time, we will not talk about the App clone drama. This time, we will highlight the creativity of Hearthstone players when they want something.

Much like in Wordle, in Cardle, you have to guess a card with Hearthstone-themed hints. The hints will include the card’s Set, if is Class or Neutral, its rarety, and tips regarding mana cost, attack, and health values.

Cardle, the Hearthstone version of Wordle
Cardle, the Hearthstone version of Wordle

The game has its Daily mode as Wordle does, but on top of that, it has other Hearthstone Tailored options. In Cardle, you can play infinite times, and you can twist things a bit changing the Card Sets between Standard, Wild, Classic, and Wild Legendaries.

Let me tell you, Hearthstone Wordle isn’t as simple as it seems. Despite having an autocomplete feature for card names, processing the whole collection to make a guess is not an easy task. Even Hearthstone Game Designers have hard times at it! But don’t worry, in Esports.gg we have some tips for you.

Tips to crush your friends at Cardle

First of all, like in any guessing game, try to go for educated guesses. Differently than Wordle, in Cardle, the hints tell you in which direction to go, provided you have some Hearthstone knowledge. So, if your first guess is something “middle-ground”, it is likely that you can eliminate half the options in the first guess.

Furthermore, you can help your memory by browsing your card in-game. You can go full tryhard using search filters, or using the Playhearthstone collection manager site or other pages like HsReplay.net. There are no clear rules, and there is nothing else in the line other than “internet points”, so don’t cheat yourself.

Once again, the community has proven to go above and beyond. Thank you, Boom, for gifting us our own Hearthstone Wordle. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.