The post-Miniset Hearthstone patch comes out today. Let’s go over which cards are going to see balance changes.

Hearthstone teased the balance changes coming up with the 26.4.3 patch. While the nerfs/buffs were not confirmed, we already know which cards are going to be affected.

Update: Hearthstone balance changes patch notes are out, read all about them in our dedicated article:

Most likely the 26.4.3 Hearthstone patch will go live today bringing three buffs, six nerfs and one additional change. Let's go over those cards and the analysis.

Upcoming Balance changes in Hearthstone patch 26.4.3

The Audiopocalypse Miniset has been out for two weeks already, and that's usually when Hearthstone throws a balance patch to fine-tune the meta. Right now, Paladin is the top dog. It was already a good deck but the last addition of the Horn of the Windlord reach turned it into a deck without weak points.

That's why the 26.6.3 Hearthstone patch will nerf these three Paladin cards to bring some balance to the meta:

On top of these three cards, the upcoming patch will tackle one of the villains of the moment, Lady S'theno. Some patches ago, the nerf to Sinful Brand, addressed the problems with Spell Demon Hunter. However, the deck is back, with a similar non-interactive play pattern.

That's why S'theno's days of OTKing opponents will be over soon. On top of that, another popular aggressive card will see a nerf in the upcoming Hearthstone balance patch. Pozzik, Audio Engineer will be fine-tuned. Unfortunately, being a free card from the rewards track, there will be no dust refunds here, which is a bit of a hit for budget players who depend on it.

Last but not least, we see that Hearthstone is also modifying Hope of Quel'Thalas in this balance patch. This card wasn't a meta outlier in Hunter, and while the deck is performing, it's more thanks to the stabilization Hollow Hound provides than nothing else. It could be the case that this is a preemptive nerf. Nevertheless, is hard to imagine the card surviving a nerf.

Hearthstone 26.4.3 buffs

On top of the mentioned nerfs the 26.4.3 Hearthstone balance patch will boost three cards from the Audiopocalypse Miniset that haven't seen much play yet. Given these card identities, it will be hard to imagine how good they need to be to land on that sweet spot of not being overpowered.

Hearthstone will touch one more card in this balance patch, but it isn't a nerf or a buff. Crimsom Clerigy, the replacement for the retired Northshire Cleric, was included in the middle of the image, signaling a rework or just a balance change.

The card is one of the first pieces of the Overheal new Priest keyword, and despite it hasn't seen play in standard, it allows some crazy combos in Wild. Is that the reason for the change?

What's next?

Well, we are just hours away from the patch notes and the actual 26.4.3 Hearthstone update. Remember that you will be able to disenchant those affected cards which aren't free for full Dust value.

This only lasts for 2 weeks counting since the patch release. Check out our Hearthstone guide on how to make the most out of balance changes and turn this into an opportunity to improve your collection.

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